4 Recommendations To Choose A Good Plastic Surgeon

The case of the young lady, who died a few days ago after having liposuction, not only leaves the debate about the plastic surgeries but also about the surgeons who practice them. Here are four tips for your intervention to be a success.

Every day new techniques and advances in the area of aesthetics and plastic surgery and an increase in patients who require these procedures, originating that often forget the importance of health and become only a lucrative business.

If patients take the appropriate recommendations, the percentage of satisfaction in cosmetic surgeries is more than 99%, thanks to the experience of the plastic surgeon, the clinic where the procedure is practiced and the care in the post-operative period.

In aesthetic procedures, there is an excellent responsibility of both specialists in plastic surgery and precautions taken by the patient. According to plastic surgeons, the doctor must:

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Excellent Tips To Choose a Plastic Surgeon

  1. Use the best technological advances and perform the previous examinations.
  2. Patients in the post-operative period should attend convenient control appointments, take medications appropriately, and use techniques for healing and inflammation.
  3. Just as aesthetic surgeries generate good results when they are performed by qualified plastic surgeons with training not only in general but also reconstructive surgery, the products and medications that the patient uses in the post-operative period must have the backing of a recognized company with all health guarantees and records required by law.
  4. They must verify the experience of the specialist, which belongs to the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, check the clinic where the procedure will be performed, be aware that a cost too low does not cover reasonable medical expenses and should any doubt or concern Get clear and timely answers.

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