Are You Suffering Because of Your Facial Acne?

Though acne is often considered a rite of passage for teenagers, it’s not uncommon for acne scars to persist into adulthood. Acne is a bacterial infection of the skin that produces large regions of inflamed and swollen skin. For many people, it can be the cause of a great deal of shame and anxiety.

The Problem with Acne

Just imagine that you had acne as a teenager and as an adult you still have the scars. It’s a condition that usually results in a person feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and even depressed. There are people all around the country who suffer from acne scars and find that they are socially isolated and feel desperately lonely. The good news is that there is treatment available.

What Is Laser Treatment for Acne Scarring?

Though many young adults suffering from facial acne can receive effective treatment, the problem is that the acne often leaves unsightly scars. These lumpy areas on the face can be treated further with Carbon Dioxide (Co2) laser treatment. So, how does Co2 laser treatment work?

During this procedure a special laser is directed at the scarred areas of the skin. This laser creates tiny holes beneath the surface skin layers and this encourages the growth of fresh collagen. This collagen evens and smooths out the scarred skin.

What Are the Benefits of Co2 Laser Treatment for Acne Scarring?

If you have acne scarring, the good news is that the Premier Clinic for co2 fractional laser treatment can help. But, what are the benefits of this treatment? Consider the following:

  • Not painful: One of the best things about fractional laser treatment is that it does not result in a painful recovery. If a special topical cream is rubbed into the skin before treatment, the discomfort is only mild.
  • It treats other issues: If you have age spots and wrinkles where the acne scarring is, you’ll be pleased to know that fractional laser treatment can also improve these things, too. Because it encourages the growth of new collagen underneath the skin, the laser treatment will also reduce and even eliminate signs of ageing, such as crow’s feet, lines, and wrinkles.
  • Faster recovery: Unlike some treatments fractional laser treatment for acne only takes around four days to recover from.

Get the Confidence You Always Deserved

Having acne can be bad enough, but when it turns into acne scars that persist into adulthood, the emotional consequences can be devastating. Bearing these scars can mean a lack of self confidence, shame, embarrassment, and social isolation.

The good news is that laser treatment can help to treat these scars. The Co2 fractional laser treatment is quick, relatively painless, and also treats certain other kinds of skin issues, including wrinkles and lines. This makes it an ideal treatment for many people.

If you are suffering because you have bad facial acne scars, there’s no need to suffer any longer. Laser treatment can help you get back the confidence you deserve.

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