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Turmeric is a very popular spice in recent years, and it is not especially for its sweet warm flavor or for its coloring properties giving a yellow color, but especially for its health effects. We hear everything and anything about it, so let’s see why to consume turmeric and how to best use it for your well-being. On the spice island, you now know where to buy turmeric, a powdered turmeric or dry roots, at a curcumin level higher than 4%. The use of the earthwell turmeric happens to be quite important here.


To begin, you should ask a simple but essential question: which turmeric is good for health? The health beneficial turmeric is the variety of turmeric longa. To be more precise, it is the curcumin of turmeric longa which is beneficial for the body.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let us quote Dr Franck Gigon, specialist in medicinal plants: “It is a single plant which acts simultaneously on all levels, no drug can and can never say the same. The synthesis of 4000 studies on turmeric reveals no less than 580 health benefits expressed by its polyphenols! It is simply amazing to understand all the therapeutic potential that this little ocher tuber can offer us.”

How to use turmeric to heal?

The dosage is more or less the same for everyone, it is a gentle therapy based on turmeric.

Often, we are told “I consume turmeric, but it does nothing for me health.” The reason is that we are told to eat turmeric, but no one really tells us how, how much, and in what form.

In the following preparations, you will notice the association of black pepper (piper nigrum) with turmeric.

Why associate turmeric with black pepper?

The disadvantage of turmeric is its low bioavailability, this means that if you want to treat it, you must consume large quantities.

By combining turmeric longa with black pepper, curcumin is better assimilated by the body. Piperine interacts with curcumin, and the properties of turmeric are multiplied, some say by 1000.

  • This is the reason why, in the Indian tradition, turmeric is mainly used in mixtures with other spices and always pepper.
  • Turmeric is fat soluble, by mixing it with fat, it increases its bioavailability.
  • Without this, our intestine assimilates poorly the curcumin molecules, which are too large and too easily filtered by our metabolism.

In what proportions to associate pepper with turmeric?

For example, cinnamon is prescribed for its anti-diabetes benefits: 9 doses of turmeric, 5 of cinnamon and 1 of pepper. Ginger is prescribed for its anti-inflammatory properties: 9 doses of turmeric, 5 doses of ginger and 1 of pepper. Mix the spices well before consuming them, this will be all the more effective.

Use in cooking:

Add 2 to 3 g of turmeric powder per day per person in your culinary preparations. This corresponds to one teaspoon per person. This amount corresponds to around 200 mg of curcuminoids, depending on the quality of turmeric purchased (consult our tips for buying good turmeric and choose the best with the best curcumin level).

Other than these, you can make use of the turmeric curcumin anti-inflammatory supplement that comes with a lot of benefits for you.

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