CBD Oil – What is it and how does it work?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is a natural substance found in industrial hemp which in turn contains a large number of cannabinoids. Unlike many of the other constituents of the plant, CBD is completely free of any intoxicating effect – what has given cannabis its bad reputation from the beginning and made people associate it with a drug. However, CBD does not have this psychoactive effect which causes a drug dependence or a hovering state which, for example, its cousin THC has – a substance which is also found in industrial hemp but which is removed in the production of CBD oil. However, the positive, anxiety-relieving effects remain, while also calming down a pain-like condition or raising the pain threshold, which is what you want.

The serotonin system

The brain needs a number of substances to function normally and some of these are part of the serotonin system with receptors that capture the serotonin. These substance facilitates sleep, and also the feeling of joy and elation. Common antidepressant drugs have the ability to restore the imbalance in the synaptic response that results in a serotonin deficiency in the brain, which can cause stress, anxiety, loss of appetite and insomnia. In other words, it stimulates the brain cells to send out more signals with serotonin and thus alleviate the anxiety-laden situation or depression in general. CBD oil has shown the same ability.

How the hippocampus affects depressive states

The hippocampus is a part of our brain that plays an extremely important role in how we feel mentally. Its main role is to provide us with memory images and recognition factors, but it is also a cornerstone of our mental well-being. Studies have suggested that a small hippocampus may contribute to more anxiety. However, medical measures through frequent use of CBD oil have reaped success by creating more neurons and providing a balance in the brain’s hippocampus. It lowers the suicidal tendency and simply gives the brain a “message of joy”.

Thus, we see when you buy weed online from a reputable online Canada dispensary, you can expect to feel a lot better.

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