Celebrities, Invisalign & Braces: Achieving The Hollywood Smile

15 Celebrities Who Have Worn Invisalign

Orthodontics studies, prevents, and studies developmental changes, dental arch shape, and jaw position to restore the morphological and functional balance of the mouth and face and improve facial aesthetics.  The celebrity influencers use idealised imagery on Instagram.

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Selena Gomez

The former Disney star must have worn braces for a while because her teeth were a bit “protruding.”

Gomez, who began his career singing and dancing on the staff of Barney and his friends , underwent the treatment before rising to stardom with the series The Wizards of Waverly Place . She was not convinced, but her representative was in charge of encouraging her. With all the accumulated fame, after so many photos showing her splendid smile, it was well worth the effort.

Justin Bieber

Seller of more than 100 million recordings, he is one of the most successful singers of all time. Despite his level of narcissism, Bieber turned to braces to correct minor dental blemishes. And, to show off the perfect body, you need your smile to be too.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese soccer player is one of the best proofs of how efficient orthodontic treatments are.

The top scorer in the history of Real Madrid, already has an international airport that bears his name. In addition to his talent for soccer, he has also strived to make his body synonymous with beauty . And his smile is another example of it.

Tom cruise

The actor and producer is another male sex symbol. And another big name on the list of artists and braces. Orthodontics allowed the superstar to correct an unorthodox smile, as well as problems with her bite .

Prince harry

Also British royalty  have turned to orthodontics to offer a true ‘royal’ smile. Such is the case of Henry of Wales, the youngest of the children of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The fifth in the list of succession to the English throne, he used transparent braces for a time , which allowed him to align the position of the fangs with the rest of his teeth.


The Queen of Pop braces are undoubtedly the least conventional on our list. She used gold braces – quite expensive – which, although they corrected some imperfections in her teeth, left intact, by express wish of the singer, the separation between her upper sections.

Daniel Martin

The former lead singer of El Canto del Loco , is one of the many Spaniards with celebrity teeth. Martín turned to braces to offer teeth worthy of a star.

Miley Cyrus

While filming Hannah Montana, she was advised to wear braces because her teeth were very protruding. Years later, Miley wears a wonderful smile.

Zac efron

This is another example of the “miracles of orthodontics.” One of Hollywood’s biggest youth stars of the last decade, he didn’t always sport that flawless smile that he now sports everywhere.

Nowadays it is not a novelty to see famous people with bright white teeth, a typical advertisement smile, with well aligned teeth; And it will seem like a very laborious job, but today having a perfect smile is within everyone’s reach. Most of the famous people like to keep their cosmetic dentist secret.

Surely, watching series, movies or at the Oscars, Hollywood actresses and actors wear impeccable smiles. And it is part of his job to give a good image to the public. Celebrities wear a smile with a suitable white tone, without alterations in shape, a uniform color, with proportionate contours, a smile that appears to be perfect.

 Seeing those shades of the actors’ teeth, it is normal that you think that this is the result of a teeth whitening treatment, but behind those spectacular smiles there is much more.

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