Choosing the right marijuana strain

Your Beginner Guide to Marijuana Strains

Are you a recreational consumer, out to explore and enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis or a medical patient seeking relief from symptoms? Choosing the right cannabis strain can be an exciting and rather a complicated process. 

There are more than 2000 strains in the market today, and you can imagine how difficult it is looking for the right one. 

If you’re new to cannabis, you need to know the available strains and the ones that’ll help you.

CBD/THC heavy strain

Before you choose a strain, the first thing that you need to consider is the cannabinoid profile. For instance, CBD and THC are active compounds in the cannabis plant that will interact with body tissues. Therefore, you’ll choose your preferred strain depending on what you’re looking for-the psychoactive properties of THC or the medical CBD.

Let’s delve further and explore a few strains

Sativa strains

Do you want to remain active after smoking? Then, the Sativa strain is your perfect choice. The Sativa-strain is a mind-dominant strain that stimulates activity and creativity. Once you smoke this, there is a deep sensation of energy and alertness. There’s a more cerebral effect with a Sativa strain that kicks your brain into a higher gear.

 Sativa strains have proven to be perfect in tamping down depression and crushing anxiety to overcome inhibitions that stand in the way toward your success. 

Due to the effect of the Sativa strain, you should consume them during the day or night before you begin an activity.

Indica strains

They’re a body dominant and with a soothing effect. Indica strains provide a high that releases tension and helps you relax. This is the strain you will need to unwind after a busy day. They tend to cause some tiredness and thus lead you to sleep. They’re also perfect in stimulating appetite. Most people prefer indicas because of the ‘high’ that they produce.  

The potency of cannabis and the anti-inflammatory and its pain-relieving effects are some qualities that have given it a place in the world of medicine. Many medical practitioners recommend it as a perfect alternative to other addictive and mind-altering medications. You want to relax and smooth the achy muscles after work, or you’re looking to cannabis for treatment, then Indica cannabis from a reputable Cannabis Dispensaries is your “perfect bullet.”

Hybrid Strains

Have you been torn between either Sativa or indicia? You don’t have to. Sativa and Indica strains have been produced as hybrids and are available in reputable dispensaries.

The plant growers have also discovered a way of joining the two species for a perfect hybrid so that users can enjoy both worlds of the strains. It’s important to note that the marijuana hybrid strains are either Sativa or Indica dominant.

Before you get into cannabis consumption, you must understand the different strains. Purchase it from a licensed cannabis dispensary near you. As a newbie, begin with a small dose, and then you can adjust according to your body response.

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