Drugs and Threats: Your Dangers


Thus, if there is someone in this group who is experimentally using drugs, the tendency is for the curiosity of others to be sharpened or even to put pressure on others to experiment. And by coming into contact with drugs at this stage of life, which is a period of greatest vulnerability, the adolescent is also exposed to many physical and mental risks. Use of the rehab for drugs comes quite useful now.

In today’s post, we will cover this topic very subtly for you who have children entering puberty or who currently suspect that they may be involved in the drug world, can find their way and take the best rescue action. After all, family support for prevention and counseling is essential. Is not it?

How to identify the use of drugs in adolescence?

By observing some changes in the habits of young people, it becomes possible to identify that they are consuming narcotics.

The tip is that you seek to observe the routine and be aware of some details, not forgetting that at this moment, it is important that there is a dialogue and that the addition is a disease to be treated. Below are some of the most common signs young people experience when using drugs:

  • Radical change of interest in people and activities that were previously part of their routine
  • Exchange of friendship cycles
  • Decreased school performance
  • Aggressive attitudes
  • Paranoid constants
  • Search for more money than usual
  • Change of eating habits
  • Sleep too much or too little
  • Dilated pupils
  • Appearance change and weight loss.

Why Do Teenagers Use Drugs?

The biggest and main reason is undoubtedly curiosity. It is very common for young people to grow up watching their family members use socially acceptable drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Many young people even see alcohol and cigarettes as an integral part of their maturation and social interaction with others.


It is also because of this concept of normalcy that many parents forget that it is in their teens that young people are building and rebuilding the social meaning of the world around them and trying to figure out where they fit in the world. Thus, they do not realize that the use of these psychoactive drugs may be the gateway to addiction.

What Drugs Are More Consumed By Teenagers?

In our country, drugs are affordable and can be offered on the street and even within schools. This fact, coupled with the lack of opportunities and public policies aimed at youth awareness, turns out to be a “full plate” for them to approach and become addicted to drugs.

The types of narcotics are quite varied and some may be inside your homes without you even noticing. Check below the most consumed.


Marijuana is known everywhere in the world. Its effects are psychoactive and psychedelic. Because it is considered lighter, users often use it, and so they risk becoming dependent. The easiest symptoms to notice are: euphoria, relaxation, increased appetite, inattention and red eyes.

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