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Drug addiction is just as serious as drug addiction. Many use medications prescribed by a doctor because of an injury or illness. When taking any medicine, follow the instructions of your doctor. Take only the amount prescribed by your doctor.

Own medicines must not be given or sold to others. They can be life-threatening to others. Do not eat medicines unnecessarily. Do not eat medicines you are unfamiliar with. They may cause poisoning.

Mixed use

Polydrug use refers to the use of alcohol and drugs or drugs or all of them. A mixed user is always in danger. He cannot know in advance how different substances work together. The effects are often more pronounced than with a single drug. Mixed use can cause poisoning which requires prompt treatment.

The health effects of drugs

Drugs are dangerous to health. They cause serious, long-lasting and even incurable diseases. Drugs also increase suicide and accidents.

Damage to the brain and nervous system

The most serious damage is damage to the brain and nervous system, which is often permanent. Damage causes behavioral changes. They impair learning, memory and mental illness. Now with the Thailand detox you can expect the best deals.

Hepatitis and HIV

In drug gangs, different people often use the same syringe. This way some infectious diseases are easily transmitted through syringes. Such diseases include liver infections and HIV, which leads to AIDS. There is no cure for aids. A person with a communicable disease also endangers the health of those around them. For example, HIV is also transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Poisoning and fetal damage

Overdose of the drug can lead to intoxication and sometimes death. Drugs impair sexual ability. Pregnant mother drug use is dangerous to the fetus.

Get out of drugs

Drug use can be stopped. If not, you can seek help from experts such as doctors and substance abusers. The only way to heal is to stop using drugs completely. This can be difficult, and often the user, especially on the first attempt, “shifts” to start using drugs again. Treatment is only successful if the drug user wants to get rid of the drug.


There are many drug users, so there are many treatment options. Insufficient drug users usually do not need hospital or institutional care. She needs the support and outpatient care of loved ones, for example, at A-Clinic to stay away from drugs.


Treatment for long-term users begins with discontinuation treatment, ie drug use is discontinued. Withdrawal symptoms, which can last for several weeks, are desired during discontinuation therapy.


After the discontinuation treatment, the actual treatment and rehabilitation begins. For many drug users, it means starting all over again. Let’s learn how to live a drug-free life, maybe getting an apartment and starting work or studying.

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