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A healthy lifestyle involves the use of the toothbrush. This accessory allows you to eliminate from your mouth food debris and dental plaque responsible for certain ailments. Here are some tips for choosing your toothbrush. With Nicer Smile you can have the best choices now.

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Choosing a soft bristle toothbrush

Whether for a child or an adult, the toothbrush must be made of soft bristles. Indeed, a soft bristle toothbrush allows better removal of dental plaque during brushing movements. A brushing movement from the gum to the tooth will allow the soft bristles to intersect in the space between the teeth for the removal of bacterial plaques. If you use bristle toothbrushes too light and with poor movement, for example horizontal, you will damage the surface of your teeth and also decapitate the upper part of your gums. Brushing must be done with a soft bristle toothbrush.

However, the choice between a soft bristle toothbrush and extra soft depends on the quality of your gums. If you have a very sensitive gingiva that blushes easily, bleeds easily and hurts you, take a supple extra.

Favor a small toothbrush

You must choose the head of your toothbrush according to the distance between your canines of the lower jaw. If you have a small mouth, this space will be narrow and so to be able to pass the toothbrush in this direction, you will have to take a small head. The little heads go everywhere, they put themselves and slide easily to the bottom of the mouth. If you have a little bigger jaw, you can take a normal head.

The electric toothbrush is also better

You can also use an electric toothbrush. The only problem is that you should not think that your electric brush works alone. Most of the time, it is a little round head that turns, so it will be necessary to accompany the movement so that the brushing is as effective on the gum and on the tooth. You will have a movement a little different from the manual brush. This is a movement in circles, to encompass the gums and teeth. It is a very practical toothbrush often when you have your head elsewhere during your brushing.

You might think that hard-bristled toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning, but in reality they damage the tooth enamel and weaken the gums. Opt for soft or medium-bristle toothbrushes. For particularly sensitive gums (pregnant women or people who have undergone dental surgery for example), prefer soft or extra-soft bristles to prevent bleeding.

Which toothbrush head to choose?

To know which toothbrush head to choose, it will depend mainly on yours. If you have a small jaw, dentists recommend a small head brush, which will clean the bottom teeth, and conversely if your jaw is rather strong. In general, favor brushes with long hairs that cleanse deeper.

And for the little ones?

Opt for a light toothbrush with a small handle and a small head, easy to handle and use. Finally, bet on colors and patterns: you have to be inventive to make your toddler want to brush your teeth.

Do you have any other advice on which toothbrush to choose based on age and dental discomfort? Share them with us in the comments.

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