Get rid of uncomfortable stye with the right treatment

A stye (ตากุ้งยิง which is the term in thai) which is also known as a hordeolum is a very common symptom that usually gets better within one week without any medicinal treatment. An external lump on the eyelid is less painful but the internal that appears inside the eyelid could be more painful. Although stye never causes any vision problem if the symptoms such as pain, redness, and swelling, droopiness of the eyelid, itching of the eye, blurry vision, burning sensation, etc. persist for long time then think for medical help to avoid serious complication such as Meibomian cyst, periorbital cellulitis, etc. There are numerous over the counter medicines available in the marketplace for stye eye but as it is matter of your eyes hence do not use any medicines and eye drops without consulting doctors.

Speed up the healing process

Stye eyes could impact your appearance and personality; hence everyone wants to get rid of stye eyes as soon as possible. Few simple ways might help fast recovery from stye eyes

  • Use a warm compress
  • Clean your eyelid with mild soap and water
  • Use a warm tea bag
  • Avoid using makeup and wearing contact lenses
  • Use antibiotic ointments
  • Massage the area to promote drainage

Order medicines conveniently

In today’s fast lifestyle most of the patients prefer online purchase of medicines over going to any physical store. Some of the online healthcare platforms such as Honestdoc offer wide range of genuine medicines at affordable prices. The platform also provides relevant information regarding medicines, doctors, disease, etc. Patients can also ask a reputable doctor any question related to style eyes and its treatment option and get the answer at earliest.

Do not burst a stye yourself

If you are feeling too uncomfortable then go for Pus drainage surgery which is becoming a common treatment for stye especially among people who have to face public in their daily life routine. Consult a doctor and know the complication, immediacy of effect, post procedure precaution, etc. and feel confident.

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