How to Take ED Medications Effectively

The oral medications of ED can be taken according to the doctor’s prescriptions. Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, vardenafil, and avanafil are effective in treating ED in men.

Oral medications should be taken 30-60 minutes

After the doctor confirm that you’re suffering from ED, then follow the directions for use on the labels. To avoid contradictions, the medications can be taken 30 to 60 minutes before the sexual activity. 

For instance, generic Viagra takes 60 minutes to prepare you for sexual pleasure. The effect of the chemical remains active on your body for another five hours.

Cialis on the other hand can be taken even with food 30 minutes before the sexual activity. It’s believed that Cialis can remain active in your body for up to 36 hours.

The period for each medication allows it to start working and show the difference. Taking it a few minutes to sexual activity may delay the erection and lead to frustrations. Use the time limits for each medication.

Your first-day failure doesn’t mean it’s ineffective

You may be frustrated when you follow all the steps and realize it’s not working. The simple truth is that you need to put some effort. If you’re able to sustain some physical activity, it prepares the body and mind of the impending sexual activity. So the body should be flexible and accept the medication into the system.

Since it’s medically prescribed, the doctor can change to a strong pill if it completely doesn’t produce even late harder erections.

Avoid meals full of fats and heavy before taking the medication

The generic Viagra may not work effectively when taken with food. Also, meals full of fats can be ineffective since the fats will shield the drug in the system form working.  Fats slow the consumption of sildenafil in the body making it ineffective.

The heavy meals should be avoided since the ED drugs such as Viagra work less effectively with the heavy metals.

Medication plus lifestyle modifications

The best solution to treating ED is medication plus a change of lifestyle. For the effectiveness of the ED drugs, you can lower the risk factors in your life. Exercise and try to lose weight. The risks of side effects are higher with obesity, taking alcohol, and smoking.

You’ll need less dosage when in manageable health. Obesity and cholesterol will increase the risk of impotence. You should therefore get help to lose weight and reduce levels of cholesterol in the body. They not only cause but also worsen the ED condition. Manage high blood pressure and diabetes, also high-risk diseases.

Check out for drug interactions

The ED medications work well with doctor prescriptions. The reason is to avoid endangering your health through over-the-counter buys. The composition and reaction with other drugs may bring adverse side effects.

 The ED medications for instance can’t be taken with medications of nitrate content treating heart diseases and back pains. Also, the sildenafil tends to react with medications treating high blood pressure and HIV. The result can be altered making the medications ineffective.

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