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Medicare is a compromise between what type of health care is needed for senior citizens and the financial capabilities of private health insurance companies. Medicare Part A and B cover the medical expenses of the seniors. Medicare Plan N is the Medicare Advantage plan of choice for many seniors. This article discusses why Medicare Plan N may be more affordable than your existing private health insurance coverage.

There are two Medicare supplement insurance plans that most people familiar with Medicare choose to participate in. Medicare Part A coverage is offered by the government through selected private insurance companies. Medicare Part B is provided by private Medicare suppliers and is also a government program. Most people with Medicare Select choose to participate in Medicare Part A or Part B.

The primary reason people choose to participate in Medicare Part A or Part B is that they need coverage for their Medicare coverage. Some seniors have other needs that make them eligible for Medicare coverage with a different Medicare supplement insurance plan.

For example, for some seniors choosing a supplemental insurance coverage plan to cover vision care may be more cost-effective than taking out a specialty care policy. Other seniors, who suffer from chronic health problems, may choose a Medicare supplement insurance plan for their Medicare coverage because the Medicare coverage will not cover certain treatments. There are so many options for choosing a Medicare supplement insurance plan that it is hard to describe here.

Another reason people choose Medicare plans is that they can choose to bypass the prescription drug benefit (RBP) to receive additional Medicare coverage for their health care needs. RBP has restrictions that make it unsafe for seniors with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, or smoking to take part in Medicaid. Medicare Part A and Part B both offer Medicare Option plans that circumvent the restrictions on Medicare RBP. Medicare Option plans are not available with traditional Medicare Parts A and B.

Medicare Options also include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Point of Service (POS). A Medicare Advantage plan can provide additional coverage at a lesser cost than a Medicare Part A or Part B plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans can offer such benefits as extended hospital care, prescription coverage, and vision insurance. Most Medicare plans focus on covering the expenses that are necessary for inpatient hospital care, to Medicare Advantage Plans focus on covering the out-patient hospital care. There are differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Advantage Subsidies that are available to seniors with low or medium income.

If you are eligible to enroll in Medicare, you should contact your Medicare representative immediately. Medicare will provide detailed information about enrollment and how to enroll in the Medicare Supplement Plan. You should also learn about Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare and Medicaid have guidelines regarding which medical expenses are covered in Medicare and what services are covered in Medicare.

Medicare provides Medigap coverage for the entire family, while Medicare Part A covers medical procedures that are needed only for a specific condition. Medicare is a popular program, but remember that there are choices.

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