Overview of OG Kush – Aroma, Taste, Appearance, Medical benefits, and Effects

OG Kush Strain: Benefits, Side Effects and More - The CBD Break

One of the highly effective & most loved strains of every weed consumer and most likely weed among the new users is the OG Kush cannabis. Unknown from its origin but famous for the extraordinary effects, the Kush strain is worth the shot. Zero CBD with the highest form of THC level, it has calming, uplifting, blissful, and cerebral impact. Let’s dig into more information about the OG Kush strain.

What is OG Kush Strain?

The OG Kush weed is the hybrid of indica & sativa species with 25 to 28 percent of THC. The originality of the strain is unknown, but rumors claim that the weed might be the blend in-between the Hindu Kush & Chemdawg as parent plants. 

However, the origin cannot be assured, but the effects are conclusive to the world. The key cause for the world to be assured of its impact is the level of THC present in the weed. The strain has potent, strong effects that can give you an intense, powerful high.

Review – Aroma, Appearance, and Savor

The aroma & Savor: OG Kush strain has plain, piney & woodsy fragments allowing the consumer to hit as the spunky taste. Most stoners feel the strain with hints of lemon, lime, spicy to hit off the citrusy splash. 

Appearance: The strain has features like yellow-green color of leaves with a hint of orange & emerald pistils. It’s the one, which seems relatively similar to traditional cannabis appearance. THC percent gives consumers a pleasurable sensation, which make it worth and best from every strain.

OG Kush strain – Mind and body effects

After taking the weed, you can expect having a strong impact on both relaxation and energetic sensation. OG Kush usually has a vibrant hybrid of the indica and sativa traits for about 55% and 45% profile. It is one of the most potent intense strains; it offers a wonderful relaxation and soothing feeling to the mind and the body. 

Does OG Kush cannabis have medical benefits?

The weed named OG Kush strain has soothing effects for mental health and effective physical effects. Most users use it for recreational effects, but it also provides you effective medicinal benefits. The main reason for the massive popularity gained by OG Kush strain is because of its therapeutic advantages for consumers. 

You can consume OG Kush strain if you’re stressed, depressed, or have any mental disorders. Also, with the note to physical pain, it can help people to recover from chronic pain and other psychological disorders. Consuming the strain limit can also help to lower your anxiety and headaches. If you smoke it in a more generous amount, it won’t damage you, as the high THC percent level has benefits if you have insomnia. If you want to get the high dosage of the weed, shop for full-spectrum OG Kush products at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

To wrap it up

We hope you understood the OG Kush strain overview and find the article helpful, informative, and educational. 

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