Own the Best Electro Muscle Stimulation Personal Training Studio Boulder CO Provides

When you’re looking for a great workout, you might not initially think of electrical muscle stimulation. However, it is a fantastic way to maximize your workouts. When you become an owner of the best electro muscle stimulation personal training studio Boulder Colorado offers, you can provide this service to your community. 

We offer our franchisees the chance to bring electrical muscle stimulation technology (EMS) to the health and fitness industry, which generates about $80-billion in revenue. Our workout system is personalized, and it empowers your clients to get the results of longer workouts in shorter time periods. The technology also enables them to work muscles that are not normally stimulated. 

We focus on providing results for those who use this technology and for our franchisees, and we love to give back to society. We have created a sustainable, profitable, and supportive business model that brings our franchisee and franchisors solid and sustainable fitness results for their clients. 

We can help you take advantage of the health and fitness market that is constantly growing when you become a franchisee. With our easy-to-operate model, you can have a turnkey EMS studio of your own with an opening investment as low as $135,000. 

Our studios provide you with the opportunity to start a business without breaking the bank. You can also start out with a small studio of between 350 and 1,500 square feet, so the leasing costs aren’t that high. The overheads are low, and we offer automated, easy-to-use studios. We also offer a proven marketing playbook so that you can hit the ground running and create a big bang that will propel you toward success. 

Additionally, we offer intense initial and ongoing training so that you are always upping your skillset as a business owner and provider of EMS technology. We situate you in the middle of intense business support to ensure that your business is a success from the get-go. 

If you think you’d like to become a franchise partner, you’ll need to complete our web form, and then you come to one of our trainings at one of our studios so that you learn more about the brand, EMS training, and about our business model. You’ll also learn more about our set-up costs and fees. 

People are investing heavily in their health. Fitness is a $28-billion-a-year industry in the United States alone, and one in five Americans is a member of a gym. People want to get fit and stay healthy to reduce their medical expenses and increase their longevity and general sense of well-being. Contact us when you’re ready to own the best electro muscle stimulation personal training studio Boulder Colorado offers.

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