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Do you need glasses to read or to see things in the distance? Would you like to be free of the eyeglasses and still see well without them? If so, you can find a solution by undergoing refractive surgery, such as LASIK. One refractive treatment permits better healing and results, which reduces the need for enhancement surgery.

An Additional Treatment

This treatment, known as LASIK XTRA in Singapore, is the ideal surgery to consider if you suffer from a thin cornea, you are younger, or you possess myopia. This added procedure during a refractive procedure enables patients to experience more successful outcomes.

For example, during the process, the refractive surgery is performed. Once the laser reshapes the eye’s cornea, eye drops are applied to the bed of the corneal. These eye drops are made of riboflavin. The riboflavin is absorbed into the stroma, which prepared the cornea for cross-linking.

A UVA-light is used to illuminate the corneal. When this happens, the light cross-links the collagen fibres inside the cornea, which stabilises and strengthens the cornea. This process goes quickly, as it only takes up to five minutes per eye. Therefore, this additional procedure takes only an extra 10 minutes.

A Better Surgical Outcome

If you are a candidate that can benefit from the treatment, you will experience a number of benefits. For example, this added process will enhance your surgical outcome, and lower the need to follow up with an enhancement procedure. Also, by adding the procedure, you have less to worry about when it comes to long-term visual changes.

This procedure is used to prevent the progression of conditions, such as ectasia or keratoconus, which can negatively affect the vision. Therefore, this added process greatly improves your chances of success if you suffer from myopia or possess a thin cornea. If you have found that you qualify for the procedure, you should schedule the surgery. Doing so will make refractive surgery a more positive experience.

By undertaking LASIK surgery today, you can treat one of various conditions. You don’t have to wear eyeglasses all of your life when you can enjoy the benefits of LASIK treatment. Whether you need refractive surgery to see up-close or far away, you will find that it can greatly enhance your life. You will also like the fact that this type of surgery can be used to correct conditions, such as presbyopia.

Do You Have Presbyopia?

Presbyopia causes vision difficulties for older people. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of LASIK at any age. You just need to find out exactly what type of refractive surgery will work out best for you. By contacting a vision specialist, you can more easily survey your surgery options.

By going to a surgeon to correct your vision, you can enjoy a more active lifestyle. Sometimes, eyeglasses can keep you from enjoying certain sports, therefore, LASIK refractive surgery enables you to get more involved in sports and exercise. You don’t have this type of latitude when you are hindered by eyeglasses. You also do not have to worry about losing a contact. LASIK makes it possible for you to save money on future corrective lenses.

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