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For many people, a well-shaped mouth and beautiful lips represent beauty.  Therefore, more and more procedures are performed on the lips. Lip correction can influence the appearance a lot, because the mouth determines the character of the face.  Too large, too full, too narrow or hanging lips can be corrected with a small intervention.

In addition to these cosmetic lip corrections, reconstructive lip corrections are also performed.  For children with a schisis (hare lip), the lip (and sometimes also the jaw and palate) is split. This cleft lip is treated with a lip correction by the plastic surgeon, whereby the lip slits are closed again. From the filler clinic London you can find the best option now.

The first consultation for lip correction

Before a lip correction will take place, a consultation with the plastic surgeon is first scheduled.  All important issues regarding lip correction will be discussed during this interview.

The wishes and treatment options are discussed and the surgeon determines whether the desired lip correction is feasible.  The most suitable treatment is discussed and what results can be expected. Any risks and complications of lip correction will be mentioned by the surgeon during this consultation.

The doctor will also inquire about the following:

  • General health
  • Allergies
  • Medical history / possible previous operations
  • Use of medication
  • Lip correction – lip enhancement, lip lift and lip reduction
  • There are various options for correcting the appearance of the lips.
  • Fill lips with fillers.

Lip augmentation with temporary fillers

To get beautiful full lips , you can choose to fill the lips with injections.  There is the option of choosing filler that gives a temporary result. Restylane is filler based on the biodegradable hyaluronic acid.  The desired volume of the lip can be created by treating multiple injections.

Lip augmentation – permanent

To enlarge the lips, fillers are also available that give a lasting result.  Just like temporary fillers, these are injected into the skin of the lips by means of injections.  In the Netherlands, permanent fillers are no longer used due to the risk of complications.

Lip augmentation with own fat

Another possibility for a permanent enlargement of the lip is the injection of your own fatty tissue. The body’s own tissue is removed from the body elsewhere and injected into the lip.  This is called lip filling.

  • The volume of the lip can also be changed by means of surgical lip correction.
  • There are various procedures in which the lips are lifted.

Lift at the corners of the mouth

Patients with drooping corners of the mouth often complain that they always look angry or sad.  By lifting the hanging corners of the mouth, something can be done about this appearance. With this procedure two small incisions are often made in the corners of the mouth.  Depending on the chosen method, the procedure takes between half an hour and an hour. With the longer version, something can also be done about the downward curve that the upper lip makes.

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