Tianeptine Capsules – A Great Cure for Depression and Anxiety

Tianeptine is a drug to treat depression and anxiety attacks. It is now highly used for depression because of the promising results. As useful it is tianeptine capsules can be very dangerous as it is highly addictive and can lead to overdose or abuse. This drug is not advised for people who have a history of addiction.  

These drugs are used not only for depression and anxiety; they can also treat asthma and irritable bowel syndromes (IBS). Thanks to their anti-serotonin properties, it has a significant effect on asthma. People who have asthma have a free flow of serotonin in their blood. This serotonin is the main reason for asthma attacks. Tianeptine cures these serotonin flow by enhancing the flow of platelets and serotonergic cells. This property also helps stop the unnecessary movement in the body, leading to irritable bowel syndrome.

As useful as this drug sounds, this drug can be hazardous because of its addictive properties. Because of this, it is banned in many regions. You can find this drug in Europe, Asia, and in some parts of South America. Medicines like tianeptine capsules are beneficial and useful if you use them carefully.

Now that we know tianeptine is excellent to cure for several disorders and syndromes, but some people should not have it as it can lead to overdose and abuse: –

  • Pregnant Women: – There is no conclusive study telling that tianeptine is dangerous for pregnant women; still, it is considered hazardous. Experts state that infants and the person having can be addicted to the drug. Infant can have continuous symptoms like crying, sweating, poor feeding, and vomiting. Due to this drug’s addictive property, it is advised not to have tianeptine if you are pregnant.
  • Breast-Feeding: – There is not enough test and theory done to have a conclusive answer. Drugs with similar property should not be taken by the mother if she is breastfeeding as it can enter breastmilk affecting the baby.So, stay on the safe side, do not have this drug if you are breastfeeding.
  • History of Addiction: – Using tianeptine for a reasonable amount of time can lead to addiction to the drug if you have an account of a history of addiction. People who are addicted to other chemicals are very prone to get an addict to this drug. So do not take tianeptine if you have a history of addiction.
  • Surgery: –Tianeptine has a sedative effect in very high doses. Healthcare or doctors give you a proper dosage of anesthesia and other medications before and after surgery. If the tianeptine and other drugs are taken at the same time, it will increase the effects, which can have an adverse impact on your body so, if you are going to have a surgery stop having tianeptine at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery.

The tianeptine capsules are great for curing depression and anxiety attacks. Do not take this drug if your doctors do not suggest as these drugs are highly addictive and dangerous. 

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