What is the best natural progesterone?


The female body produces progesterone hormone naturally and plays an important role in maintaining pregnancy and fertility. A combination of progesterone, as well as estrogen, are usually taken by many people around the time of menopause. This curtails their symptoms, for example, hot flashes. Taking supplements of progesterone while trying to get pregnant can also be helpful. Zeeva IVF clinic in Noida provides progesterone supplements for the same.


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Avoiding too much exercise and workouts can be one technique for how to increase progesterone to get pregnant. Progesterone and cortisol are made by somewhat similar metabolic processes and are attained from pregnenolone; it is found in both hormones. 

Stress-related activities, for example, intense workout routines, signals the adrenal gland to produce stress levels. This also emphasizes survival over other physiological functions, which includes reproductive functions. Therefore, the solution to how to increase progesterone to get pregnant is not merely exercised. The production of cortisol takes precedence over sex hormones production when we exercise extensively. During this process, progesterone gets implicated. The second answer to the question of how to increase progesterone to get pregnant is to avoid too much stress. Too much stress will lead to the secretion of adrenaline as well as cortisol at the toll of progesterone production. 


The demand for natural progesterone is increasing among people who have worries regarding the side effects and possible risk factors caused by synthetic hormones. 

In this blog, we will talk about the implications of low progesterone levels and the benefits of natural progesterone on it. We will also talk about the possible ways to boost progesterone naturally. 


The body will not be able to support pregnancy under the circumstances of low progesterone levels. 

Signs and symptoms of low progesterone levels are abnormal menstrual periods, missed periods, late periods, miscarriage, infertility, and spotting and cramping during pregnancy. 

Ageing also results in fluctuations in the hormonal balance of the body. It causes the progesterone level to decline. This will result in an irregular menstrual cycle. 


Some doctors suggest natural progesterone that includes crinone as well as prometrium. These are manufactured in a laboratory set up by professionals. A natural compound known as diosgenin is used in this process. Both crinone, as well as Prometrium, are available in the form of a capsule or gel. 

Some other products that claim to act as the natural sources of progesterone are as follows: 

  • Soybeans
  • Diascorea villosa (which is a wild and inedible Mexican yam)

The products of wild yam are also available in the form of topical or vaginal cream or even in the form of capsules.

Another point of consideration here is that some part of the population might consider wild yam products as the natural form of progesterone, but they contain diosgenin and not progesterone. The diosgenin in wild yam products cannot be made into hormones by our body. It requires a professional setup of a series of synthetic chemical laboratory reactions. Hence, there will be no significant progesterone activity if you merely take in products that contain wild yam. 

Wild yams are not sources of progesterone which must be noted by the people who take progesterone supplements. The United States Food and Drug Administration (or FDA) don’t approve them for the treatment of low levels of progesterone. 

The products that do not contain progesterone, for example, crinone and Prometrium, will assist in boosting the level of progesterone hormone in the body. These products are frequently used by those women who hold a history of failed pregnancies. 

Hence, one is expected to be careful when it comes to choosing a decent quality brand for natural progesterone products. 

Food and progesterone: There aren’t many food products that contain progesterone hormones. But a few people certainly believe that some particular type of food might help the body enhance its progesterone and estrogen production. 

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