Where Can You Buy a Good Quality Ashtanga Yoga Mat?

Michael enjoys practicing yoga because he doesn’t necessarily have to go to a gym or a class to do it. He can practice yoga anywhere, anytime he likes. There’s no special equipment involved and even yoga mats are generally optional depending on where you’re working out.

Ashtanga yoga is a little different than traditional yoga though, in that it’s a much more strenuous workout. You move quickly from one pose to the next concentrating on improving your overall strength and flexibility. The workout also concentrates more on proper alignment, especially with regard to the spine.

Because these workouts are so much more strenuous and physical than traditional yoga moves, you’ll definitely need an Ashtanga yoga mat. These mats are generally about twice as thick as standard mats – ¼ inch compared to 1/8 inch so they provide greater stability and protection.

Some of the poses used in Ashtanga require that more of your body be in contact with the mat than with traditional yoga. For example you might be on you hands and knees more or lying on your back. For this reason, most people prefer a non-sticky Ashtanga mat because they don’t like that sticky feeling against their skin.

Michael is getting ready to take his first Ashtanga yoga class and he needs to know where he can get a good quality Ashtanga Yoga mat.

• Sporting Goods Stores – Generally, sporting goods stores have a fairly good selection of mats. Look for one that’s 1/4 inch thick with a non-slip, non-sticky surface.

• Department Stores – While department stores do generally carry a mat or two in the sporting goods department, be careful to choose on that’s right for Ashtanga.

• Your Local Gym – Some gyms sell exercise equipment. Check with yours to see if they carry Ashtanga yoga mats.

• The Internet – For the best selection of yoga mats, including those for Ashtanga, visit a reliable website today!

Buying a yoga mat might seem like and easy enough decision but if you’re going to be practicing Ashtanga it’s important to get a mat that’s thick enough yet firm enough to offer you the protection you’re going to need. You body will be going through a lot more stress with Ashtanga and a good mat will help protect bones and joints. For more information on where to buy your Ashtanga yoga mat visit a reliable website today.

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