Ways to Keep Yourself Safe While Visiting a Hospital in COVID-19

The novel coronavirus brought the entire world to a standstill. With economies and healthcare sectors crumbling under its impact, humans have been forced into lockdown to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. The past few months have been tiring and testing for everyone, especially the frontline workers. Therefore, as the restrictions for the lockdown have started to lift slowly and gradually, we can all breathe easy. Markets have opened up, essential travel is taking place and hospital visits are back on track. However, the importance of social distancing is not to be forgotten even during this time.

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Hospitals are the hotbed for infection and are still busy treating patients of COVID-19. This has led to a lot of people to question how safe it is to visit a hospital for non-COVID-19 related emergencies. The number of cases are still on the rise and one has to be extremely careful of why and where they step out. However, a number of hospitals have separated their coronavirus wings and are welcoming other surgical and non-COVID patients. If you are one of those who need immediate medical attention, it is important to keep the following precautions in mind:

  • Identify the hospitals that are exclusively dealing with coronavirus cases and proceed accordingly. 
  • Before you head to the hospital, make sure to consult your doctor over the call or online to confirm your appointment and avoid lags or delays. 
  • Practice proper hygiene and pay attention to the protocols put in place by the hospitals. 
  • Practice social distancing at all times and avoid touching surfaces that may carry germs. 
  • Use protective gear such as earloop masks and gloves when you visit the hospital. 
  • Although the hospitals carry out extensive sanitization, it is an easy place to catch infections and other illnesses. Therefore, it is vital to take all precautions at all times. 

As you make you way to the hospital ensure that you carry alcohol based hand rub sanitizer with you to disinfect your hands in the absence of water and soap. If you can, wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap at regular intervals. Pregnant women, elderlies and children fall under the high risk category and should take the utmost precautions. If possible, try and avoid going to the hospital all together. A number of hospitals and clinics are also catering to tele-consulting which has proven to be extremely successful in the current scenario. Protective gear such as masks, gloves, face shield and hand sanitizes can be bought from online stores such as Smart Medical Buyer, a reputed online distributor of medical equipment and supplies. 

If you do visit a hospital, it is important to get back home, sanitize yourself, remove your shoes outside the house and take a shower. Wash the clothes you were wearing and disinfect any object that you carried with yourself. 

As you take all the precautionary measures to avoid catching the virus, one should remember to not be afraid of COVID-19 and turn towards self-analysis and medication. Visit a doctor for all your medical queries and let a professional decide the best route of treatment for your injuries or illnesses. It is also essential to keep the health officials up to date with your medical conditions and travel history. 

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