Hair Wash Options for the Pimples on the Scalp

Washings use regular shampoo suitable for your scalp. This usually gives the best result. If washing does not stop the exfoliation and itching, the expert recommends using a hydrocortisone solution from a pharmacy. It has a local anti-inflammatory effect which reduces itching and redness of the scalp.

Many people are anxious about using the solution because hydrocortisone-containing ointments should only be used temporarily and for a short time. However, applying the solution to scaly scalp is a different matter: it can be safely applied for several weeks after each wash, even if you wash your hair daily.

According to the expert, you should not go to the doctor unless the frequent washings and hydrocortisone solution are effective, exfoliation and itching interfere with daily life, such as difficulty in sleeping or getting sleep. For the pimples on scalp this is important.

Sensitive scalp gloves

Sensitive scalp is a characteristic that is not usually the cause of any disease. The scalp seems to sting and itch for no reason.

  • In this case, it is only possible to rule out the various causes of itching and to ensure that no allergies are found in the background. After all, you may be allergic to hair dyes, certain shampoos or other hair care products,” says the expert.

Remedies for sensitive scalp are scarce 

Usually you need to try them out

Thickening of the wash and hydrocortisone solution can be tried even in this effort. Some have been helped with the use of glycerol-containing disinfectants or hand sanitizers. The solution is applied to the scalp, whereupon the other components of the solution evaporate, but glycerol remains on the scalp. Cold bags have also brought relief to some, the expert lists.

If the scalp is itching and small, purulent pustules or follicles appear, it may be an infection of the hair follicle.

It requires medical attention. The problem is treated with antibiotic solutions and also with oral antibiotics. Antibiotic solutions are very effective, as are the latest antibiotic gels on the market. Both are prescription drugs, the expert sums up.

Color in the head?

Sometimes itching scalp can also be caused by an allergy. The most common cause of allergy is hair dyes, sometimes including shampoos and other hair care products.

He is often contacted when the scalp has allergic symptoms. Most of the contacts relate to hair dyes: either the allergic reactions they cause or at least the suspicion of an allergic reaction.

First, of course, you should stop using the dye or product you suspect to have an allergic reaction. Together with the customer, we choose products that do not contain allergenic substances. Sometimes I also refer the interviewer to allergy tests. By no means should itching scalp, he emphasizes. 


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