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San Francisco may allow pot-smoking at cannabis events |

On January 1st, 2018, California legalized cannabis. For the United States, this day marked the start of a new era; marijuana is now available to the majority of Americans. In major cities, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, there are retail marijuana stores. Cannabis dispensary San Francisco products can be purchased by any adult over the age of 21 from state-approved dispensaries. Lets know what exactly are the guidelines when it comes to San Francisco weed laws once you’ve got your cannabis product. For decades, San Francisco has been a marijuana hub, but how have new laws impacted the cannabis use culture? The federal government has loosened its close hold on the cannabis industry over time, but marijuana has yet to be legally legalised at the federal level. Knowing the law could save you from having to deal with the authorities. You might still be uncertain as to how you would be impacted by the new laws. A detailed guide to existing San Francisco marijuana dispensary laws is available here.

California law allows up to one ounce of flower or up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrate for each person over 21 years of age. Pot laws in San Francisco allow adults to buy up to 2800 mg of THC edibles. Anyone seeking to buy over 28 grams of cannabis in one day will have to be refused service by a pharmacy. You could be subject to a $100 fine if you are found over the cap. Keep your stash at home and when travelling across California, just take small quantities with you.

Sharing is friendly, selling is not

Sharing the cannabis products with someone who is under 21 is illegal. It’s all right to share your buds with friends who are grown adults. You can’t sell some marijuana to your peeps, the state needs to make their cut too! Starting a corporation without paying taxes to the state and federal governments is illegal. Enjoy your personal stash and continue to help SF dispensaries locally! In an area where tobacco is banned, you cannot legally smoke marijuana. This will get you a fine of $250 and an infraction.

Grow Your Own

It is also legal for any adult to cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants for personal use. “Official California law states that “living plants and any marijuana produced by plants of more than 28.5 grams are stored in the private residence of the individual, or on the basis of that private residence, are in a locked space and are not visible from a public place by ordinary unaided vision. The California legislature notes that “no more than six living plants can be grown, cultivated, harvested, dried, or processed at one time within a single private residence, or on the basis of that private residence.” This means that you might not be able to start a pot farm with your buddies yet! Make sure the plants cannot be seen from a public location if you want to continue planting your own stash.

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