The fact that nobody told you about mukbang

 The mukbang is the eating show which telecast on YouTube, and people enjoy these shows they learn more recipes from watching it. It is the most popular show in Korea; mukbang is a Korean word which means eating. It is a mixture of two words which smushed together I these two words are “eating” and “broadcast”. Ultimately it is a country in which food is not just a thing for a living, and it is a tradition. People love to watch these kinds of food channels. It is the most talking show in the history of Korea, and this show rapidly grows among people and making its followers. The show broadcasts on many channels such as YouTube, twitch and Afreeca TV channel as well these are the video live streaming channels, on which we can see the live show of eating and food recipes. 

People travel to many places and countries for different kind of food recipes and share these all knowledge with their followers. It started in 2010 in a mukbang video, and the broadcast jockey eats loads of different kinds of food and share their taste and making process with their audience and gain followers and fame. It is famous and watched across the world. You may not believe but these you tubers are making a massive profit eating food. Mukbang, it is more than a live streaming video, and sometimes, the host first cooks the dish and then eats it in front of the camera. Some of the videos include noisy sounds and descriptions of food, while in other videos the host is eating the food quietly. The host goes through each item they eat and tells the reason why they are eating it and buying it.

Let’s talk about the history of mukbang

After knowing about the channel, there are one question that clicks in our mind is how it originated on the broadcast platform. It grew among people because the roots of food culture in Korea is profound, in this country, going outside from house for eating is mostly a social activity, and it is complicated to eat alone. When they are eating out, they are alone, so this is the most common reason why people started live streaming while eating, and it grows as a trend. They always give the audience the highest quality content for watching its change the way of social interactions for Korean people. Once a Korean blogger points out that there is more fun to see people enjoying their food or any other moment than sitting alone with loneliness. And like anywhere people enjoy more watching other food that they are making.

Final words

Conclude this article, and we have mainly focused on some significant aspects of mukbang YouTube live streaming channel. The population of Korea loves to watch this broadcast show, and some of the time, the host makes food itself and then eats in front of the audience. The broadcast jockeys also share their food recipes with their followers.

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