We Are a GMP Certified Supplement Manufacturer

When you are trying to get good supplements and vitamins into the hands of your customers, you want to make sure that the ingredients and the manufacturing process are perfect. That is why we are the right company to help you put your product on the market: we are a GMP certified supplement manufacturer, which means we use good manufacturing practices that are recognized in the industry as being right for the sale of dietary supplements. 

When you schedule an initial meeting with us, you’ll learn more about how we guarantee quality for your type of product. We will talk to you to learn about what type of product you want to create. We’ll give your details to our lab and manufacturing teams. Additionally, you’ll get a formula sheet that will ensure that all ingredients meet industry regulations.

If you want some help with getting your formulations just right, we can talk with you about ensuring that you meet certain parameters and the different supplement formats and delivery methods that we offer. We provide liquids, powders, capsules, creams, and flavor systems. 

Next, we will give you a quote. Your quote will include ingredient selection with sourcing type, packaging, labeling, and lead time. We will help you get the right price, and we do this even with minimum runs. We certify and vet our suppliers as well as inspect and test ingredients. Additionally, we will create a label for you or make sure that the file you give us meets the needs of our label machine. 

The next step is a quality check, and then, finally, we package and ship your products. We are located near the Port of Los Angeles and near many other transportation hubs. Your product will be shipped in glass or plastic containers and will make it to your customers with as little lead time as possible from start to finish. We can also ship your products in display boxes. We produce vitamins, bodybuilding supplements, sports nutrition, protein, cosmetics, pet vitamins, and personal care products. 

When you’re looking for the best GMP certified supplement manufacturer right here in the U.S., look no further. We are proud to provide high-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes to promote individuals’ health and wellness. We work with both startups and medium-sized companies that want to grow, and we look forward to helping you!

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