Cyst Formation: One of the Reasons for the Infection in Your Wisdom Teeth

Did you know? In 2008, Japanese researchers found that stem cells can be harvested from the wisdom teeth that could be saved for future potential needs. Generally, wisdom teeth grow in your late teens or early twenties. For few, wisdom teeth budding might not be a big issue, but for most of the people, it creates severe pain and infection. Only a few are aware of the morbidity that occurs due to the degree of wisdom teeth growth. Are you one among the people who are ignorant of the infection due to the impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth? Then this blog is for you that explains in detail about ‘cyst’ one of the types of infection that can occur in a wisdom teeth leading to the wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

What Is A Dental Cyst?

A dental cyst is a tissue that is in the form of a closed sac, which holds either some sort of soft material or fluid inside it. Cysts grow slowly without creating any pain. The pain develops once it gets infected. Severe infection is the cyst urges your dentist to perform the surgical procedure. Cyst formation is most common in an unerupted tooth, and especially, wisdom teeth are more prone to cyst formation giving rise to the possibility of cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney. An infected cyst can develop intolerable pain, eventually leading to the damage of the nearby teeth and surrounding gums.

How Dental Cyst Forms?

A dental cyst is formed on the tip of the roots or the crown of a lifeless tooth due to the bacterial growth in that tooth. When these cysts form on an unerupted or partially erupted wisdom tooth, the situation worsens. The cyst starts to swell once the dead tooth’s pulp material wears away and weakens the jaw bone. Dental cysts can be diagnosed only with an X-ray or CT scan.

Symptoms of a Dental Cyst

  • Severe pain
  • Difficulty while swallowing and chewing
  • Soreness in the throat
  • Infection
  • Lump formation in your mouth

Types of Dental Cyst 

The following are the types of dental cysts,

  • Dentigerous – This is the significant cause for the infection in the wisdom teeth leading to the wisdom teeth removal Sydney.
  • Odontogenic – They are formed on the jaw bone causing the jaw bone to swell.
  • Periapical – This type of cyst creates severe pain, as they are formed from the infected pulp.
  • Mucocele – This type of cyst is formed due to injury. Mucocele ruptures over time.

Whatever the type of dental cyst you encounter, visiting your dentist is recommended.

Dentigerous Cyst: One of the Causes of the Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dentigerous cysts are tissue sacs that are formed on unerupted or partially erupted wisdom teeth. If left untreated, a dentigerous cyst leads to infection in your wisdom teeth. Generally, cysts that are more than 2cm in diameter give you the following symptoms,

  • Inflammation
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth displacement

Treatment for dentigerous cysts involves, opening the cyst to drain the fluid and the extraction of the wisdom teeth.

Since the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is affordable, don’t compromise with the pain due to the dental cysts.

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