Dietary Tips to Stop Hair Loss

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Hair loss can happen to anyone, and some of these occurrences can be normal or otherwise. Everyone sheds some hair daily while others experience Telogen effluvium or hair loss after pregnancy which can resolve on its own. However, some people may experience hair loss due to thyroid issues, stress, androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness), or aging. Some people might need to look for a dermatologist hair loss specialist to help them with their hair loss.

People can also lessen their chances of suffering from hair loss through their diets. Below are some of such diets:


Hair follicles are made of the protein keratin, and many people who are suffering from nutritional deficiencies tend to suffer from hair loss. A 2017 study of 100 people who suffer from hair loss noted that its participants are nutritionally deficient, including amino acids that are the building blocks of protein.

Eating a diet rich in protein can help combat hair loss, although more studies might be needed to confirm this. Even if people are skeptical about whether the diet is useful or not, most people won’t find anything wrong about eating eggs, nuts, beans, peas, fish, chicken, turkey, and low-fat dairy products.

Vitamin A

A medical journal stated that the chemical compound retinoid is shown to increase people’s hair growth rate. Vitamin A is partly composed of retinoids, and eating a Vitamin A diet may help with hair growth.

Vitamin A can also help with sebum production that will keep the scalp healthier and retain more hair.

Among the food included in a Vitamin A diet are sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, spinach, and a few others.

Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet consists of raw vegetables and fresh herbs, and this diet can help reduce the risk of suffering from androgenic alopecia. This 2018 study revealed that the diet could help against baldness or at least slow its onset, especially when people eat high amounts of it for more than three days a week.

Parsley, basil, and salad greens are some of the foods included in the diet.

If you want to know more food that can help with hair growth, you can click this link on 14 foods for hair growth.

While diets are helpful to prevent hair loss, some people might still need to search for “dermatologist hair loss specialist near me” to consult with a doctor about their condition.

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