Different types of Hybrid strains of weed explained

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What is hybrid weed?

Weed is an extract from the Cannabis plants. There are two dominant species of Cannabis from which weed is taken, as Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Sativa plants will provide CBD-rich products, while Indica plants will provide THC-rich weed. Apart from these two types of traditional weed, some producers are trying to combine the properties of these parent plants and provide more benefits to the consumers. These types of weed with a mix of constituents from traditional plants are known as hybrid weeds. The development of weed extraction technologies has made it possible to blend the properties of various parent Cannabis plants into a single weed product with added flavors. You can buy weed online using any of the legal websites, and you can choose the best hybrid weed you prefer. In this article, let us discuss some of the types of hybrid strains available in the market. 

Different hybrid strains you need to know

The fragrance, taste, production method, constituents used, and many other factors will decide the type of strain. Some popular strains available are,

Sour Diesel – As the name suggests, it will be a weed of sour taste and a diesel fuel-like smell. It is a combination of both Sativa and Indica plants. So, people will get high and mental relaxation along with the Sativa’s CBD-rich benefits. You will get motivation and high energy to do the task with enthusiasm. 

Purple Kush – In contrast to Sour Diesel, it is a THC-rich weed. The parent plant is purely Indica, and you will experience psychoactive effects, like mood alterations and mental relaxation. You can also get some benefits from Sativa plants. However, the impact of THC will be high. It is a great option for people looking for a pleasure weed. 

Blue Dream – While Purple Kush is THC-rich, the blue dream is CBD rich. You will see great results on your metabolism and motivation because of the medicinal benefits of Sativa plants. The cerebral activity will get stimulation, and you can concentrate more on other tasks. As the origin of the weed is unknown, it has got the name of a dream. 

Gorilla Glue – It will be the best option for getting relief from depression, anxiety, and many other mental pressures and disorders. With an odor of Coffee and a sour taste, it will affect for a long time after consumption. It contains high amounts of THC that makes you high quickly. Since it pleasures mood alterations along with relaxation, it is becoming more popular with people who have various stress in personal and professional lives.

Chemdawg – It is another flavored option for mental and body relaxation. Cottonmouth and dryness are common side effects of usage. With a diesel smell, it will produce some smoke during curing. Chemdawg contains higher amounts of THC that will make you high with no time. The benefits of this weed will include getting focus on your activities along with increased awareness of happenings in their surroundings. 

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