Expected Conditions Before, During and After dental implant Surgery

Are you planning for dental implantation? Are you constantly trying to fill the Google search bar with “dental implants near me”? You are certainly on the right path as you can get your beautiful smile back! Here are some expected conditions you might face before, during and after dental implantation.

You may need bone grafting

If your dentist finds that your jawbone is not perfect for surgery in terms of thickness, you might have to go through the procedure of bone grafting to get proper thickness and strength of the jaw.

Dental implantation is not supported to the soft or thin jaws. So, bone grafting is very useful. A surgeon may take the required amount of bone from different parts of the body, mainly the hip bone to compensate for the lack of bone on jaws. Some dentists also use artificial bone material as well for bone grafting. It is up to your choice, comfort, and the availability of bone material.

Important pre-surgery instructions you may get from your surgeon

Different surgeons give different instructions to the patients depending on the overall health and dental condition. Your surgeon may instruct you for:

  • Proper healthy breakfast on the day of surgery as your surgeon may ask you to skip meals for 3-4 times post surgery.
  • You may be asked to use antibacterial mouthwash for a few days before the surgery.

Conditions you might face during the surgery

  • Your surgeon will administer anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel anything during surgery.
  • The surgeon will then create small flaps by making some incisions; then he will create some room for implantation by using a drill.
  • Your surgeon will fix the new tooth using screws made of titanium.
  • The screws made of abutment will keep the crown in place which is used to hold the new teeth in place.
  • After the process of dental implantation, your dentist will prescribe a few antibiotics and painkillers so that you don’t feel the aftereffects of implantation.

What to expect after dental implantation

Depending on the number of teeth you have replaced, the process of healing and fusion of new teeth with jawbone can take a few weeks to several months. These are some conditions you might face for a few weeks after implantation.

Your doctor may ask you to take only liquids or easily digestible foods for a few days. If your immunity system is weak, the process of healing and fixation can take even several months. If you are healthy enough and going well after the surgery, new teeth may get fused with jawbones within a few weeks. Your surgeon may ask you for regular visits so that he can analyze your healing progress.

Depending on the number of replaced teeth and your overall conditions, you can face some common problems like:

  • Minor bruising
  • Slight bleeding from gums
  • Pain at the site of implantation
  • Swelling of the gums and even face.

These are some conditions you might face before, during, and after dental implantation. Keeping all these things in mind won’t only make you ready for implantation, you can cope up with all the conditions easily during and even after the surgery.

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