Four Penis Health Creme Myths Dispelled – Get the Facts About the Real-Life Benefits

The word “myth” is often used to describe a story that isn’t true. While this word could be used to describe unicorns, the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot, it can also be applied to some stories that circulate about penis vitamin crèmes. That’s a shame, as these myths could keep some men from taking advantage of the best penis care options available. This article may help, as it outlines some of the common tall tales that are spread about these products, along with the truth that hides behind the lies.

Myth 1: “Oral Vitamins Work Just as Well.”

The oral preparations sold in pharmacies and health shops have some of the same ingredients found in an intimate lotion. They might be packed with Vitamin C, for example, or they might contain mega-doses of Vitamin E. While it’s true that these particular ingredients are quite helpful for the penis, there are some drawbacks to using oral supplements. Aside from the inconvenience of taking them, the truth is that often, these ingredients are used by other systems in the body before they ever reach the penile tissue. On the other hand, topical formulas are applied directly to the targeted tissue, where they are quickly absorbed; because of this, they can be a better choice for penis health.

Myth 2: “Foods Provide All of the Nutrients a Penis Needs.”

Just as vitamins have a long way to go before they reach the penile tissue – if they ever do – nutrients consumed through foods also have to make a long journey, and they are not guaranteed to provide direct benefits to the manhood. In addition, it’s unlikely that men really load up their plates with everything the penis needs for optimal health. Even men who are conscientious about what they put in their bodies may be missing vital nutrients that are needed to keep the penis healthy, supple and functioning at its prime.

Myth 3: “All these products do is Make Things Smell Nice.”

While some elements in a penis health crème do help with odor issues – vitamin A, for instance, the ingredients in a top-notch penile formula can play an important role in other aspects of penis health, from its appearance to its disease fighting ability to its ability to perform in the bedroom. For example, each dose contains a bit of Vitamin D, which can help skin cells to stay healthy and resist fatigue and disease. Other ingredients are also known to:

– Boost blood flow

– Assist with nerve regeneration

– Enhance sensitivity

– Block wrinkling

– Reduce oxidative damage from free radicals

It’s clear that there’s more going on here than simple odor control, and each dose can bring these powerful benefits to light for almost any man.

Myth 4: “Healthy Guys Don’t Need Help.”

It’s easy to suggest that only the frail and infirm would need the help that a penis health crème can provide. After all, guys who have lost sensation due to rough treatment, or men who have chapped and painful skin, often turn to soothing products to restore both health and function. However, these products can also be vital for men who may have no injuries now but who might endure a little damage in the future.

Consider this: The emollient ingredients in a quality product can keep skin soft and supple, so the penile tissue is less likely to tear or sustain damage on a microscopic level during an episode of rough sex or dry masturbation. Men who get funky with their business may not plan on hurting themselves, but using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help protect the penis from injury and help it heal when surface-level damage does occur. That’s why these crèmes are vital for all men, whether they’re dealing with a problem now or hoping to protect themselves for the future.

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