Hair Treatment for Short Hair

For short hair, you must take care as carefully as possible: brittleness, problems with the scalp and wanness can touch hair of any length. There are 4 tips from professionals which will help you to have health short hair without any problems.

The regularity of washing the head almost does not depend on the length of the hair. The first step is to focus on the condition of the scalp and the type of hair in general. NY experts do not recommend washing your head too often, even if you are the owner of a short haircut: a maximum – four times a week, but only if the hair has a tendency to get dirty quickly. On average, it is recommended to wash short hair two or three times a week.

A short haircut should look well-groomed, but, unfortunately, on short hair such “omissions” of visits to the hairdresser are especially noticeable. The optimal regularity of haircuts – from 4 to 8 weeks. To delay the visit is not worth it. Do not forget: the more short hair has grown, the harder it is to lay down.

Short hair requires meticulous care regardless of the season. However, humidity and temperature outside the window play a significant role in the choice of products. In the summer, you should give preference to light, indelible means. In winter, it is better to regularly apply greasy masks or dry hair oil on your hair as an intensive care treatment. Secrets of the correct application at home and life hacks are best explained by video bloggers or hair stylists: many of them advise adding oil to the washable care in order to make the hair care even better.

Of course, you should not forget about the scalp. It is the right care that activates metabolic processes, which, in turn, is the key to the growth of healthy hair. For home spa treatments, it is best to choose masks and oils with a regenerating and balancing effect.


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