How to Make Most of the Hotel Spa and Gym

Spa and gym are amenities that hotels name as some of their strongest selling points. If you’re headed for one of the best hotels in West Bridgeford, you can make the most of your hotel experience by taking advantage of these relaxation and fitness facilities.

Here are essential tips to help you spa and gym like a pro.


Whether you’re at a hotel for leisure or business, staying fit is an important task. If you want to make your gym use as hassle-free as possible, here’s what you can do.

Include going to the gym on your itinerary. If you intend to go to a hotel gym in West Bridgford, make sure to specify it in your itinerary. At what time/s of the day will you be working out? Many typically do it an hour before breakfast or at night before showering.

Check which equipment is available. Not all hotel gyms have the specific workout equipment that you’re looking for. Don’t forget to research this beforehand.

Plan your workout routine accordingly. When working out while on vacation or travel, you have to take into account which routines can be done at your hotel gym. While it’s important to learn to improvise or modify, the least you can do is do cardio and lift some weights.

Think about your recovery. Because you’re on a trip, you don’t have to do some heavy exercising. Overdoing it can only dampen your plans.

Communicate with the hotel’s concierge. Before and while you’re at the hotel, ask about the policies they have for their gym in West Bridgford. What can you or can’t you bring? Do they require some attire? If they have a pool available (most hotel gyms have pools next to them), what should you know about using it?


With hotel spas, you can end your travel on a relaxing note. But if it’s your first time to avail of such services, things can get hectic and intimidating. We’ve got the best tips to help you out.

Do your own research beforehand. There are a number of hotels in West Bridgford and each one has different scopes of spa services. To help set your expectations, research beforehand and check what the service inclusions of your hotel spa are.

Book your spa treatment in advance. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one availing of your hotel’s spa treatment. Be wise and book in advance. Similar to our tip for hotel gyms, you have to plan when you’re putting your spa experience within your travel schedule.

Only pack spa essentials. Most hotel spas only have small lockers. You’ll be going there to relax and take the stress out of your system in the first place. You won’t be needing phones or other gadgets. Keep them and other valuables safe within your room. Additionally, you don’t have to pack many clothes or towels. Swimsuits will already do. The spa will provide robes and towels.

Consider your therapist’s gender. If you and your companion/s are particular about your therapist’s gender, let the spa know beforehand.

Enquire about extras. To really maximise your hotel spa experience, don’t forget to ask about all the features included in your package. You might be missing out on a free drink or snacks.

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