How To Pick The Perfect Marijuana Strain For You

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Cultivating your own marijuana is a fun hobby to keep in your leisure time. You can even earn profits from this hobby of yours. Cultivation of strains like bruce banner feminized strain and purple haze feminized strain also gives an opportunity to create a connection with these strains by gaining detailed information about them.

Now that you have decided to grow marijuana at your home, you should know which strain you should be cultivating. Because there are hundreds of options in the market, choosing the perfect marijuana strain is difficult. Knowing which strain is the right one for you is the key to pursuing this hobby.

Through this blog, we will help in choosing the right marijuana strain for you to cultivate.

1) Why do you want it?

The question about why you are cultivating marijuana is very essential. If you are growing weed for business, you need to select the best selling strains. But, if you are cultivating the strain for personal use, then you need to know which strain is ideal for you.

2) Maintenance and Yields

If you are a first-timer in cultivating marijuana, then you should choose a low maintenance strain. Many reputed seed banks have detailed information about various strains available online. It would be best if you did proper research about the maintenance and yield of different strains.

3) Level of THC and CBD

 The level of THC and CBD content in marijuana strains is also essential. If the THC of a particular strain is high, you experience a high with heady psychoactive effects. While high CBD strains help in handling pain and anxiety. People prefer both high TCH and high CBD content weeds for different experiences in different scenarios.

4) Auto-Flowering seeds

An auto-flowering plant grows from a seed to the stage of harvest in the time span of just 6 to 8 weeks. Hence, this trend of auto-flowering seeds is in high demand. Auto-flowering plants are the best option for a beginner grower.  Many seed banks provide a 100% guarantee of these seeds growing into auto-flowering plants.

5) Feminized v/s Regular Seeds

Just like the auto-flowering seeds, the feminized seeds are trending in the marijuana market. After maturity, feminized seeds only give rise to female plants. While regular seeds mature to both male and female plants. But, male plants do not produce any buds. Hence, feminized seeds are the ideal choice over regular seeds for cultivation.

6) Indoor v/s Outdoor

While you gather information about various strains online, you also need to know if the strain is best suited for indoor or outdoor cultivation. Some plants prefer particular climatic conditions outdoor, while some prefer the warmth indoors.

Purple Haze, Bruce Banner, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, AK47, etc., are some of the best selling marijuana seeds online.

With the help of the tips above, gather as much information as possible about various marijuana weeds and select the best-suited strain for yourself and start cultivating it.

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