Medical Tours To Thailand Offering Amazing Value To Millions

Medical tours to Thailand are now the fastest growing phase within the global tourism industry. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to many factors such as consistent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth over the last ten years in developing countries throughout the planet. Thailand specifically has long embraced the practice of enticing international patients looking for quality medical tours for treatments such as stem cell therapy, orthopedic care, dental treatment, weight loss and many other types of medical procedures.

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Medical tours to Thailand allow patients seeking quality medical treatments at an affordable price. The medical infrastructure is set up to provide compassionate care to any and all persons regardless of economic capacity. Most of the private hospitals in Thailand offer the latest and most advanced treatments and equipment available anywhere in the world and adhere to practice guidelines set forth by organizations like the International Standards Organization (ISO) and other world-renowned medical organizations like Joint Commission International (JCI).

Equipments being used in Thailand include:

– Greenlight PVP Laser to precisely target prostate tissue with a high-powered laser beam, a procedure often performed in an outpatient setting.

– Image archiving and medical information systems like PHR’s (Personal Health Records) are offered at Thai Medical Vacation that permits data like x-rays and test results to be stored electronically, allowing seamless continuity of care with access images from anywhere in the world.

– The da Vinci Surgical System, which uses robotics to translate a surgeon’s natural hand movements to use less invasive incisions with unprecedented precision throughout heart surgery.

– Siemens Biograph 64 PET/CT, that is superior to alternative CT and MRI machines in early cancer detection and diagnosis.

– Gamma Knife Surgery, that allows for non-invasive brain surgery using highly targeted gamma radiation.

– Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery System for non-invasive stereotactic radio surgery and stereotactic radiotherapy to destroy diseased tissue or cauterize a drawback area while not affecting healthy adjacent tissue.

– Stem Cell Therapy and banking of Fat & Dental Stem Cells.

According to Thailand Business News, over 1.5 million people chose medical tours as the primary reason for a trip to Thailand. A majority of the visitors came from North American and Western European countries along with citizens of Arab nations who have found getting visas to the US and Europe exceedingly difficult. The number was tallied in 2010 and it’s believed that the number may double in the next five years due to the massive campaign by the Thai government and tourism authorities in promoting the value and advantages of the Thai healthcare system. Interestingly this practice has also led to a “reverse brain-drain” as hundreds of Thai professional medical practitioners working abroad are shifting their practices back to Thailand.

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