The Diet To End All Diets – Get Ready To Get Skinny

Every year more and more fad diets appear before our eyes tempting us to lose weight with their catchy slogans and easy to follow eating plans. There’s beach diets, chinese banana diets even lemonade diets just to name a few. However catchy they are these diets fail to teach us one very overlooked and important factor about food groups and that is the mixing of our protein and carbs.

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Here is the number one mistake that nearly 95% of all dieters make when dieting. Our bodies can not naturally store protein (dairy,fats,meats,nuts etc) as it processes these immediately and converts them to instant usable energy. The only time they can be stored as fatty reserves is when they are consumed with or around the time of an intake of fibrous carbs such as bread, crackers, cookies, potatoes, rice and pasta and the biggest culpret of them all, refined sugar.

Our bodies can only store protein (fatty foods) when taken with certain carbs. If protein is eaten alone then nearly all of it is processed and not stored as a fatty deposit. When you take on any refined sugar your body immediately recognises it and processes it as a fibrous carb. It cannot store this type of carbohydrate (unless it is mixed with protein) so it will dedicate all of it’s resources to “Burning It Off” until it’s all gone. We regularly ingest this with things like alcohol, soda pop, chocolate, cakes, cookies, coffee or other hot drinks with sugar, lollies, most store brought fruit juice, energy drinks, all chewing gum (sugar free inc) and the list goes on and on, it’s in everything nowdays!

During this time any proteins eaten (fast food, dairy, meats etc) will be stored in their entirety as the body can use these types of sugar carbs to store this fatty protein and free up it’s resources again. You can think of refined sugar and artificial sweetner as the little building blocks that your body stores fat in which it then ships all around your system to over stocked depots. Fibrous carbs such as refines sugars/sweetner, bread, crackers, cookies, potatoes, rice, and pasta all do this.

Now imagine what that burger combo is doing to your system, you have the drink, processed bun and potatoes to do all the storing so the fatty pattie, chip oil, cheese and mayo can go straight to your hip’s with little to no effort at all.

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