Vein Doc Ken Hollis–Treating Varicose Veins After Weight Loss

You have reached a major milestone. You lost a hundred pounds. It was a commitment you made to yourself for your health. You want to live a long and happy life. You also want to feel good about yourself. You took off the excess pounds. You are making wise choices when it comes to what you eat. Now, you have to address a problem that could have been caused by obesity. It’s varicose veins. You hoped they’d go away with those pesky pounds. They are still here. Vein Doc Ken Hollis of Metro Vein Centers in Texas offers you solutions for a problem that is common for many people who are overweight.

Why are Varicose Veins and Obesity Linked Together?

When you carry too much weight, it puts a strain on your body. It strains your heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. It takes a toll on your joints, making it harder to be mobile. It also puts pressure on your veins. Gravity is working against your vascular system, pulling your blood in the opposite direction that it needs to go. When you are overweight, there is even more pressure on your veins. Your veins have the important job of carrying blood to your heart. You have valves in your veins that are crucial for the process to be effective. The valves should close after your blood makes its way to where it needs to go. In varicose veins, the valves don’t shut. Blood travels in the wrong direction. You end up with blood that pools in one area of your vein. It will then bulge. When you are overweight, you make it more likely to have faulty valves in your veins because your circulation is struggling.

Weight Loss Won’t Make Varicose Veins Go Away

Varicose veins are a problem that won’t disappear after weight loss. The damage has already been done. Your healthier choices may keep your problem from getting worse. However, you will need help from a vein doc to eliminate them. You need an effective treatment method. Once you treat your varicose veins with help from your skilled vein doc, you can continue to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, more varicose veins will not develop in the future.

What Solutions Do You Have When Varicose Veins Trouble You?

The first step in treating varicose veins is to see a vein doctor for an assessment of your condition. Your vascular specialist will talk to you about your health and evaluate your varicose veins. The number of veins and severity of your condition will play a role in determining the best approach for you. Your vein doctor may recommend endovenous laser ablation. Ultrasound imaging will show your doctor exactly where to go when it is time to begin your treatment. A tiny catheter is inserted into your varicose vein. A laser travels through the catheter and applies heat to the interior of the vein. It will force the vein walls to cave in. As they do, the vein can no longer function at all. Your blood will then be redirected to other veins in your body that are working efficiently. In time, the treated vein will vanish. It is naturally absorbed by your body. Radiofrequency ablation takes the same approach with catheter, using radiofrequency energy to generate heat. You can also have an irritant used to make your vein collapse. This procedure is known as sclerotherapy. Metro Vein Centers in Texas, New Jersey, Michigan, and New York offer you the latest in technology and first rate physicians to treat your varicose veins after weight loss. Learn more about your options today.

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