Vein Doctor Art Golden on Treating Varicose Veins

Dr. Art Golden has extensive skills in general operations, leadership, in addition to strategic growth in the healthcare sector. Before Metro Vein Centers, he served as the director of NASDAQ’s Northeast Operations for Stericycle having joined the firm in 1993. The organization had revenue of $2 million and 65 workers. Art Golden was part of the team that contributed to its growth. He oversaw general operations and was in charge of 1,100 employees. Golden’s expertise includes sales, proactive building of organizations, as well as continuous improvement. Art Golden primary operations for regulated medical waste disposal as well as pharmaceutical waste services coupled with hazardous waste in about 12 states. He also led the EBOLA crisis risk management team in New York’s major hospitals. He assisted in mitigating contamination risks. Since 1982, Golden has also been a contributing member at Blauvelt Volunteer Fire Company. He is an alumnus of Dominica College where he received a degree in business.

Understanding Vein Disease

The veins in the legs carry blood into the heart. These veins have a one-way valve that prevents blood from flowing in the opposite direction. Those who have chronic venous insufficiency have valves that don’t work correctly. Blood may go back into the legs thereby collecting in the veins. Vein disease can cause pain and swell in the legs. It can also lead to various open sores such as ulcers on the legs. Deep vein thrombosis may damage one’s valve. Chances of getting the disease are high when someone is:

  • Obese
  • Pregnant
  • A smoker
  • Over 45 years of age

Any symptom of vein disease should be taken seriously. If one is experiencing any of the stated symptoms in their legs, they should visit a health care practitioner.

  • Aching pain
  • Swelling
  • Pruritus
  • Fatigue

There are various causes of vein disease. Researchers are conducting studies to determine the leading causes. Some possible causes include heredity, standing for long hours, pregnancy, and age. Chronic venous insufficiency can also have severe impacts if left untreated. The patient’s skin color may change.

Spider Veins

Also called thread veins, spider veins refer to small, damaged veins. They can appear on the upper surface of a person’s legs. They aren’t painful or harmful. Nonetheless, some individuals may want to treat them. This is solely for cosmetic reasons. Spider veins come in different colors including purple, blue, and red. Their jagged edges often grow outward. Spider veins may cover a large area of the skin. They can also cover a small area.

Treatment Options for Vein Disease


Sclerotherapy is an effective vein treatment. It’s the best treatment option for varicose veins. The technique involves injecting a solution into the vein. The solution causes the affected vein to scar. This causes blood to reroute through healthier veins. The vein is then reabsorbed into local tissue. Treated veins can fade in a week. Others may take up to a month for results to be seen.

Endovenous Laser Ablation

This treatment method uses a laser beam to recognize the symptoms as well as underlying causative agents of varicose veins. The procedure requires local anesthesia. It is conducted in an office. The patient will experience minor discomfort. A small fiber is carefully inserted into the vein that has unhealthy valves. The laser light hits particular surfaces of the damaged veins. This causes it to close.

Metro Vein Centers

At Metro Treatment Centers, the experienced team offers innovative specialized treatment for vein disease including spider veins and additional venous conditions. The organization is a leading vein center that has different locations in Michigan West Bloomfield, New Jersey Florham Park, and New York Forest Hills. The management applies the latest technology coupled with invasive vein surgery.

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