Why some people are scared to go abroad for plastic surgery

More and more Britons are seeking Non surgical nose job cosmetic surgery abroad. Data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) indicates that the UK is a European leader in cosmetic surgery. The most popular procedures are liposuction, breast argumentation and nose jobs or rhinoplasty. Most of these people are lured by the low prices charged by foreign clinics. The prices in some eastern European countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic are as much as five times lower than the UK equivalent even when accounting for the contingency costs.

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Cause for concern

However, most of the people seeking plastic surgery abroad have reservations about the quality of services. The concerns are not misplaced as Baaps has recorded several incidences of botched procedures among people who seek treatment in a foreign country. They note that the frequency of botched surgeries has increased by 30% in the last five years. In some cases, quacks offer dodgy procedures such as injection with toxic filler substances that are banned in the UK. Other challenges include language barriers, lack of post-surgery support and lower quality standards than those of the UK. It is also plausible that some clinics do not adhere to high hygiene standards.

Due diligence

Baaps advises Britons to conduct thorough research before choosing a foreign clinic. One should start by checking if the clinic is registered with the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and ensure their certificate is current. Visitors should also inquire about the general standards of care in the host country and the support they give clients who need further treatments. Inquire if the surgeons are registered as specialist plastic surgeons and their track record. Most people who perform due diligence before going abroad are satisfied with the service.

Why you should have cosmetic surgery in Poland

Poland is one of the most popular destinations for UK citizens due to its attractive prices. According to the BBC, prices in Poland are as low as half of the average cost of a similar procedure in the UK. UK citizens are also happy with the quality of service they get in Warsaw, which superior to most other foreign destinations. Polish clinics are primed to serve British clients. Indeed, most clinics in Warsaw acknowledge that Britain is the main source of their international customers.

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