5 Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking Position


Many website owners often wonder whether to invest their time and money in SEO. Well, here’s a useful statistic if that has crossed your mind. Most business owners have put SEO on their top five most important priorities for 2022.  

In other words, SEO is still an essential piece of your marketing puzzle. And to help you with any missing components, we’ve put together a short guide on how to improve your Google ranking position. Here are our top five tips.  

1. Check Your Current Keyword Ranking

Use an SEO tool like SEMRush or Ubersuggest to run a Google rank check to see your current position. Once you do that, take a look at the sites above you.

Read the content on their pages and check things like the page title and description. What are your competitors doing to get that ranking? Can you apply some of that to your content (without copying)?

For example, perhaps they have a similar article to you. However, that website has included a helpful how-to video at the start of the post. Why not add a video to your blog post to see if it boosts your ranking? 

2. Brush Up on the Basics

You might not have paid much attention to some of the Google updates from the past few years. But it’s essential to stay on top of best practices with SEO to avoid your Google ranking dropping over time.

So why not spend a few hours familiarizing yourself with some of the basics of SEO?

Find out how to optimize a post for your preferred keyword and why aspects like speed and usability are critical. You can learn more here about the basics of SEO. 

3. Try Optimizing for Search Intent

Have you ever searched for something on Google and browsed through the first few articles to find they didn’t answer your question?

That’s a case where search intent (what you want to search for) doesn’t match the search results (what Google thinks you want to see). Google is getting better at this, so you need to do the same!

Dig deep in your search research to find out the true intent of visitors when they find your article, and see if you can reword that article to better match their search query. 

4. Examine Your Bounce Rate

If you head to Google Analytics, you’ll see the bounce rate for the page you want to rank. The bounce rate shows how many people clicked on your website link in Google, decided it wasn’t for them, and clicked back to the search page. 

There is a lot you can do to improve your bounce rate. You can make your article more relevant. You can improve your page design. Or you can change the article structure, so it’s more helpful to those who scan-read. 

5. Recommend Your Post 

The quality and number of backlinks will determine your Google rank position, but you can be proactive about this. If you have a fantastic post, why not connect with other blog owners, and recommend it as a helpful link on one of their posts? 

Five Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking Position

Don’t give up on an excellent website page because it got a poor ranking on Google. Use these five tips to improve your Google ranking position and see what a few minor tweaks and changes can do for your traffic statistics. 

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