6 Common Reasons for the Spread of Psoriasis and How to Prevent The Spread

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Skin diseases can be serious and ruin the normal pace of life. Some of the skin diseases are so serious that they might prevent you from doing the daily chores. Psoriasis is one such chronic skin conditions, which usually results from the overdrive of the immune system that, in turn, increases the skin cell production in your body. 

If you have been suffering from psoriasis, then you are already aware of the symptoms. As the skin cells quickly die and regrow equally fast, causing the buildup of all dead skin cells creating red itchy patches in different parts of the body.

Stop the spread

If you have minor psoriasis, then the disease must have affected only 3 percent of the body. But if the symptoms arose in more than 10 percent of the surface area, you must be suffering from a severe level of the disease. As the genetic structure and immune system play a significant role in the extent of spread, there is a high chance of quick spread to different parts of the body. Unless you know about the factor that triggers the spread, you might do things that will only aggravate the condition. So here are some of the common reasons that stimulate the rapid spread of the disease. 

  1. Avoid dry skin

Psoriasis develops easily in the dry patches of skin. If you have dry skin, then the spread will be more. The dryness contributes to the buildup of the dead and scaly skin cells, which have a silvery appearance. The situation will worsen if you don’t keep the skin hydrated. 

  • So the psoriasis patients should always apply creams, lotions, or other topical ointments to maintain the moisture level of the skin. 
  • The herbal ointments are a good psoriasis-prone skin alternative treatment
  • You can even remove the scales by applying the creams, covering it with some waterproof material, and removing it after a few hours.
  1. Unhealthy diet

Skin problems do not always arise from superficial problems of the skin only. Especially when you develop psoriasis, it is really important to maintain a healthy diet that will reduce flare-ups. 

  • For instance, nightshades like tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants can cause the rapid spread of the disease. But if you can control the intake of such food along with a reduction in gluten and alcohol consumption, the disease won’t spread much.
  • Adding Omega-3, vegetables, fish oil, and some Vitamin D supplements can also prevent further spreading of the condition. 
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However, it is good to consult a doctor for the right diet chart.

  1. Skin protection

If you expose your skin to cuts and direct UV rays of the Sun, you are actually triggering the quick spread of psoriasis. Any trauma to your skin results in the Koebner phenomenon, which is the natural response of the skin. This response is responsible for the spread of the psoriasis patches in areas where you never expected the flare-ups. You can regularly use the various products of reputed brands like Medovie that will not only reduce the seriousness of the psoriasis symptoms but will also help the skin to prevent the spread of the disease. The soothing feeling of the products helps to calm down when you feel like scratching the itchy parts aggressively.

  1. Stress is not good                                                       

Mental stress and anxiety can be the cause of several diseases and can also contribute to the sudden spread of psoriasis. When you change the job, or you lose a loved one, you will be under much mental stress, which will trigger hormonal imbalance in the body too. 

You have to try and engage yourself in activities that you like to do to keep the stress under control. Otherwise, it will take only a few days to notice the itchy and red patches all over the body and scalp. You can also follow a regular exercise and yoga regime to keep the mind and body fit.

  1. Medications cause flare-ups

Do you know that it can be the secret reason behind the sudden quick spread of the condition when you take some prescribed medicines regularly? For instance, if you intake Lithium, which a doctor prescribes for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, it can increase the symptoms of psoriasis. Certain anti-malarial medications, indomethacin, propranolol, which treats heart conditions, and Quinidine, are also responsible for spreading the symptoms. 

  1. Alcohol is harmful

If you regularly drink alcohol, then it will be difficult to control the disease in your body. Usually, the symptoms are worse in people who drink alcohol regularly. You have to control the intake and start exercising to maintain a healthy mind and body. A balanced diet is vital for fighting against any disease. The situation will further improve on eliminating the dairy items from your diet. It is time to take care of yourself and shed off the extra calories as soon as possible for fighting against the 

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