A Microscopic Ocean-Extract – 6 Reasons It May Promote Your LONGEVITY And SAFEGUARD Your Health

A Microscopic Ocean-Extract – 6 reasons it may Be Your #1 Promoter of LONGEVITY And SAFEGUARD You From Premature Death.

Would you believe it if we told you that ONE substance contains the entire spectrum of nutrients for the human nutritional profile and that this same substance is the #1 proliferator of life on Earth and actually creates our atmosphere and enables the life of our entire human species?

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The Fact is this one living-nutrient source creates up to 90% of the very oxygen we breathe!

SO… What is it?

It’s a micro-algae called MARINE-PHYTOPLANKTON. not to be confused with other “algae”, Marine-Phytoplankton has it’s own range of life-providing benefits, and could well be the #1 solution for achieving optimal health and vitality today!

Marine Phytoplankton contains the world’s highest bio-available source of (SOD) “Superoxide Dismutase”, your body’s greatest internally-produced antioxidant enzyme – protecting you from dangerous “oxidative stress” that negatively affects your health. Numerous irrefutable studies have proven SOD to be associated with LIFE EXTENSION.

The most compelling rationale for taking Marine-Phytoplankton are the “6-Unique Abilities” that will help to make you healthier than anything else…

REASON #1: To Live and Thrive we Need the Sun’s Energy!

Dr Joseph Mercola states; “Getting Vitamin D and natural sunlight is one of the most important steps in your health.”

Many prominent medical professionals claim that Vitamin D is one nutritional-source that can influence over 10% of your genes and prevent more than 16 types of life threatening health issues.

Marine-Phytoplankton absorbs approximately 10% of ALL the sunlight absorbed by all plants on Earth! This means there is no better source of living Vitamin D and our Sun’s LIFE ENERGY than in Marine Phytoplankton.

Then there’s OXYGEN…

REASON #2: Without Clean Oxygen Your Cells Can’t Function!

The amount of oxygen inside your cells is in direct-correlation with the amount of extra electrons your cells possess. The more electrons your cells hold the higher rejuvenating capacity your cells will have.

It is proven that most people with cellular impairment, who develop life threatening illnesses and chronic diseases are actually deficient in these electrons!

(Note – if you’ve had certain fillings or dental procedures, your body is being severely robbed of these vital electrons! Over time, this can lead to serious disease, and even premature death.)

Marine-Phytoplankton provides your body and cells with all of the life-giving electrons it needs to function on an optimal level! Crucial for your health and longevity!

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