A San Francisco Marijuana Dispensary, today can be your solution to find the best quality.

What are the most important physical characteristics of Cannabis sativa? The only way that you can accurately identify which plant is marijuana and which is not is by knowing its specific physical description.

But before you know the visual peculiarities of Cannabis, you must realize that this plant belongs to the Plantae kingdom. Being a species of herbaceous of the Cannabaceae family, classified as such in 1753 by the scientist Carolus Linnaeus.

And this information is important to you, as the San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary has become increasingly influential in the population. For this reason, if you want to acquire or simply visualize them in these dispensaries, you must have basic notions about what is in front of you.

From this point, you could distinguish it by its size, stem, leaves, and height. Since this type of plant has its distinguished features?

Starting with its stem, which is quadrangular but is rounded as it gets fat, and its height is high until it reaches the meter. Its petiole, on the other hand, is truly short, compared to the length of its leaves.

Although its most notorious peculiarities maybe, its opposite leaves, clapped, uneven, and even a little compound. Possessing various leaflets, which subsequently decreases when the plant begins to grow.

Its flowers, when they are male, have more obvious, panniculiform ramifications and many flowers that contain five sepals and antisepalous stamens, in addition to pollen.

While the female flowers are considered more compact, having pistillate with a somewhat tubular, membranous, and even short calyx. Hiding its ovary in two carpels that are always united.

How can marijuana be used?

While it is true that identification is important to distinguish what plant you can have in front of your eyes, there is other knowledge that is never too much to have.

For example, knowing how to ingest Cannabis, because it is very common for the world community to approach the San Francisco Marijuana Dispensary. Either out of curiosity or to buy a medicinal dose.

Understanding that its effects can last approximately two to three hours, with a waiting period of ten to thirty minutes. And its use consists of smoking cannabis, which depending on the dose, can have different effects.

Since a very low dose only causes or induces feelings of well-being, also adding a state of drowsiness and relaxation. Following also, more active senses of sight, taste, smell, and hearing, along with thoughts considered strange.

Now, a stronger dose can increase reactions to much higher levels. Stressing that these are a little dangerous because, in addition to possibly causing a serious accident, they produce image distortions, loss of identity, and even hallucinations.

What kind of advantages does San Francisco Marijuana Dispensaryuse to bring?

After you have understood the implications that are part of using Cannabis, before heading to a San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary, you must know the benefits it will bring.

Starting with the understanding that medicinal Cannabis exists, which is called cannabinoids, and they are used to treat certain pains or symptoms in different diseases.

Achieving anti-tumor effects with its use in different cancers, such as breast, prostate, colon, and even lung cancers. And achieving efficiency to treat migraines by 85%.

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