Classification of muscle pain according to severity

Muscle pain can be classified into 3 stages Light: stiffness during movement. Moderate pain. Duration of symptoms: a few days. – Moderate: moderate pain, the muscle is more affected. Duration of symptoms: 1 to 3 weeks. – Severe: very affected muscle, with possible internal bleeding and a large inflammation. It is a medical emergency. How to diagnose muscle pain? To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor questions the patient, examines him and, if necessary, prescribes blood tests, a muscle biopsy, an electromyogram or even magnetic resonance imaging or MRI. In fact, it is up to the health professional to differentiate myalgia from other diseases which may be of joint or cardiac origin. Consult the health professional (doctor) if:

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The lesion persists after three days. You suspect a more serious lesion such as a fracture or a tear.- The pain recurs frequently or is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever. With the CBD UK  you can find the best deal now.


In general, muscle pain is not a potential danger. However, when the pain is too intense or intolerable, the patient may feel unwell. He may have difficulty breathing and discomfort in the stomach due to increased secretion of stomach acid may occur. In the extreme case, loss of consciousness or fainting may endanger the life of the victim. Sometimes the pain is likely to cause mental or renal complications.

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In the case of acute pain due to a stretching, a sprain or a contusion, the famous “GREC” that is to say Ice-Rest-Elevation-Compression quickly relieves the patient:- Ice: during the first 2 to 3 days, apply ice for 10 minutes to the injured limb and repeat this cooling every hour or every two hours.


Avoid intense physical efforts within a minimum of two days.

Elevation: raise the injured limb. Compression: compress the swollen part with an elastic bandage.

In the absence of swelling or fever, the hot bath and sauna relieve aches. In addition, analgesic drugs that relax the muscles or muscle relaxants reduce muscle pain. However, before using them, remember to seek the advice of a health professional. Ibuprofen, naproxen or paracetamol can be effective in combating pain during myalgia. Avoid aspirin, which especially at the beginning can increase the risk of bleeding.

In addition, massages, drainage, the use of electric current, electromagnetic fields and ultrasound are all useful complementary techniques to soothe myalgia. For pain caused by specific diseases, the treatment is that of the cause. Naturalremedies rosemary muscle paining order to better relax, make a cure with rosemary honey. To do this, take 12 centiliters of lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar and the same amount of rosemary honey. Mix everything so as to obtain a perfectly homogeneous solution and drink the potion obtained after dinner. Do this cure for three successive days. Note that despite its acidity, apple cider vinegar has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Livre-vert-creapharmafor muscular pains in adults, make a mixture of 3 tablespoons of grape seed oil with the following essential oils: 5 drops of black pepper, 15 drops of marjoram with shells, 15 drops of juniper and 15 drops of rosemary camphor. Use the oil obtained to massage you. You can also pour a tablespoon of this preparation into your bath.

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