Fact Check: NDIS and Why You Need to Avail One

Curious about what NDIS is? The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an Australian support scheme that focuses on people with permanent and significant disability. Under the said program, people with disabilities will have access to different services across their whole-of-life – from personal needs, familial relations, to career orientations.

However, despite being launched July of 2013, many remain to be unfamiliar with NDIS up until today. With this, many eligible candidates are missing the opportunities and benefits this insurance scheme proudly offers.

Who are eligible for NDIS?

There are only a few criteria that the NDIS requires. For your guide, here they are:

  1. Must have a permanent and significant disability
  • Permanent – your disability is likely to last for a lifetime.
  • Significant – your disability has a significant impact on your ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks and activities.
  1. Must be under 65 years of age when you first access the scheme
  2. Must be an Australian citizen (or a New Zealand citizen who have a Protected Special Category Visa.)

Benefits of Having One:

The NDIS provides a number of support services that are sure to improve the quality of lives of people suffering from permanent and significant disabilities. Among the many, here are a few you should not miss out:

  1. Assistance with one’s day-to-day activities
  2. Transport to allow engagement and contribution to the community
  3. Helps patients find work and keep a job
  4. Assistance to access and maintain employment or higher education
  5. Therapeutic supports
  6. Help with domestic tasks to maintain a healthy home environment
  7. Help from experts in scheduling aids assessment, installation, and training
  8. Home and vehicle modification
  9. Mobility equipment

Around 4.3 million Australians have been recorded to have certain disabilities. If you or you know someone who is suffering from a permanent and significant disability that affects their lifestyle, be sure to visit the nearest hospital or/and contact directly the National Disability Insurance Scheme admin.

Avail your NDIS as early as today and welcome the perks and services that will surely improve your quality of life. Visit Friendlies NDIS Bundaberg now.

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