Juuling: What is this Trend All About?

If you haven’t heard of juuling, go and ask a teenager. For some, it might sound like a new dancing form but it is actually a form of vaping that has become very common among the teenagers. According to Truth Initiative, 25% of teenagers between ages 15-24 who consume Juul starter kits do not consider their habit as vaping. Rather, they call it as ‘Juuling.’

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So what is this buzz word ‘juuling’ all about? Let’s just find out.


Juuling is a new trend among the teenagers and it is creating a buzz among students who are looking to catch a quick buzz from the nicotine-laced, specialty flavor vape e liquid inside each pod. A single Juul pod comprises of same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Its vaporizer is quite handy and gets easily fit in your palm, and they come with a charging option by simply plugging into a USB slot. Juul pods come in friendly flavors like crème Brulee and mango and this has considerably enhanced its appeal to young adults. With a substantial amount of nicotine, youngsters can have a quick good hit and can get a good buzz within minutes.

Some e-cigarette critics believe that Juul e-cigarette is the ‘Apple of Vaping’ or the ‘iPhone of Vaping.’ With Juul e—cigarette’s low entry price, sleek portable design, easy to use; Juul is catching on with the younger generation people. The ultimate goal of Juul Labs is to completely eliminate cigarette smoking by offering the existing smokers with a much better replacement to combustible cigarettes.

How Should Parents Talk to their Teens about Juuling?

In order to talk to your teen about Juuling or vaping, here are some of the helpful tips to make your conversation effective with your child:

  • Don’t Rebuke Often

Saying that juuling or vaping is bad for you won’t help you, and yes it is absolutely true. Lecturing your children about the harmfulness of e-cigarettes and e liquid flavors will only compel your teens to keep their vaping a secret from you. So you must talk about it in a friendly manner.

  • Be open to the conversation

Not every youngster will get tempted to Juul or vaping. But it is worth having the conversation if you have an idea that they might be vaping. Today, teens often get swept away by every random gust and this is the reason they might choose vaping excitingly following their friends. Moreover, the risk of being excluded from the group and the social benefit can make youngsters to Juul and try different e juice or vape e liquids.

  • Understand the fact why your child is Juuling

Teens can get inclined to Juuling for a number of reasons, including not wanting to be bullied among friends, pressure from peers, or getting a break from rigorous school day schedules. Once you know the exact reason why your child is tempted to Juuling or vaping, then you can start to address your child’s vulnerabilities and build strength to counter the same.

  • Seek Outside Help

If your child has developed a nicotine habit of any form, then a therapist might help you get your child onto the right path.

In 2018, Juuls accounted for around 40% of e-cigarette market, thus grossing about 150 million in the retail sector sales in the last quarter alone. Today, Juuls are favorite because they do not contain tar and any other cancer causing chemical that is present in a tobacco cigarette. Juuling devices are often physically attractive, come in a variety of colors and shapes.

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