Four Types of Fractures Athletes can Suffer and Where to go to fix them in Saratoga Springs

If you’re an athlete and haven’t suffered a fracture of any kind before whatsoever, consider yourself lucky. Of course, any athlete out there knows that suffering a fracture comes with the territory of being an athlete. But, unfortunately, not many of them know the sort of fracture they can suffer. But rather, only that they can happen. But what kind of fractures could an athlete suffer?

Well, quite a few, believe it or not. For an athlete, though, there are certain fractures they are more likely to suffer than others. Like, for example, it’s not likely an athlete would suffer a compression fracture, aka one where the bone gets crushed or flattened. That would assuredly never happen while playing a sport. However, there are certain fractures, four in particular, that an athlete is more likely to suffer that they should know about, such as:

Complete fracture: This is the most simple one because it’s where the bone breaks in two. It can happen to anyone and usually happens from an unfortunate collision with someone else or because of an awkward angle. While this can happen to anyone, it’s more likely to happen with those who are physically active like athletes are.

Stress Fracture: These sort of hairline fractures can come from overuse, particularly when running long distances and jumping. These fractures usually happen to basketball players and those who run track and usually occur in the leg and the foot.

Comminuted Fracture: These fractures happen when the bone breaks in several places. This usually occurs for those who participate in more extreme sports such as cycling and skateboarding. So basically, it happens with sports that are particularly played in the outdoors.

Compound Fracture: Of all the fractures, this is one that most athletes know about and want to avoid by any means necessary. A compound fracture means the bone is not only broken but has also pierced the skin. It is among the worst fates an athlete can suffer. However, it’s not an injury that’s likely to limit them permanently.

Listing these fractures is not meant to scare any of you athletes out there in Saratoga Springs. It’s if you have suffered a fracture and need to know where to repair the damaged bone. Luckily there are medical practices in Saratoga Springs with orthopedic surgeons who can get you back to what you once were

If you have recently suffered a fracture in Saratoga Springs, get in touch with an orthopedic surgeon at Advanced Sports & Orthopedics. They have experienced surgeons who can take you through your options to make sure you get back to the athlete you were pre-injury.

Advanced Sports & Orthopedics can help you diagnose and treat fractures in Saratoga Springs. They take most insurance plans and can do same-day and next-day appointments. Contact them today if you think someone has suffered a bone fracture.

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