Know About the Different Species of Cannabis

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Most of you are aware that the industries use different types of grapes to produce different qualities of pf wine. In the same way, the various strains of coffee beans add different flavors to the recreational drink. And you will be surprised to know at Seedyand you can grow various strains of cannabis to produce the different qualities of medical marijuana production. An application where you can get to know in detail about the strains will be helpful, especially when you aim to increase your production to the next higher level and connect to the sellers and buyers.

The two types

Usually. Marijuana plants have two primary genetic types. One is the Cannabis sativa, and the other is the Cannabis sativa forma indica. The origin of the Sativa plants is in South America. The plants are taller with long leaves. The product is also higher in energy level. Indica plants originated from the various parts of the Asian continent. The plants are shorter with wider leaves. These are good as sedatives and have a calming effect on the nerves. Many patients can take this natural extract for aiding sleep-related problems. 

Hybrid species

Most of the growers are nowadays preferring tp grow the hybrids of the sativa and the indica genetic forms. These are more effective both for recreational purposes and medical use. The levels of THC and CHD, along with other cannabinoids, are different in these strains. You can name the strains In a funny note and inform the buyers about the source of seeds too through the name. You can even reflect the country of origin through the name. The more you grow, the more varieties you can offer to the sellers or the buyers who would be more than happy to buy the products. It always gives pleasure to the people under psychological treatment to have small variations in medication. 

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