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There are a number of changes involved in relapse prevention, especially regarding changes in habits, environments, friendships, etc. It is necessary to avoid people and situations that lead to substance use, and it is up to each patient, with expert help, to find out where they feel safe from the risk of relapse. The Couples rehab is the best choice here.

Many patients need to reshape their entire circle of friendships, bars and places they used to go, friends who continue to use drugs, emotional situations that arouse the desire for addiction. Through appropriate therapy, professional follow-up, and the pursuit of self-awareness and self-control, the patient gradually develops a new routine where drug use is not included, establishing new healthy social bonds and discovering an interest in new activities. With the rehab for couples  this is important.

Relapse begins long before taking the drug again, begins with a situation that generates some kind of need to numb the emotions. That is, it is the emotional suffering that leads the patient to take refuge again in the use of drugs, disconnecting him from the commitment he made to himself by accepting to follow the treatment. There are ample options for couples rehabs now.

There are a number of situations that can dramatically increase your chances of relapse, such as:

  • Depression and other emotional illnesses
  • Problems at home
  • Social or work pressure
  • Environments where drug use occurs
  • People on drugs
  • Friends or acquaintances offering the substances
  • States of euphoria
  • Serious diseases
  • End of Relationship

The role of the family is essential in preventing drug relapse, as family-supported patients show rapid improvement in treatment, recovery, and prognosis. That is, the addict is less likely to return to drug use if they can count on the understanding and help of their families and other close people.

Preventing relapse into substance use, therefore, depends on each case, the patient’s emotional triggers and, above all, the emotional support he receives from his loved ones.

Only when the addict believes he has reason to improve and stay sober does he find the strength to fight daily against the overwhelming force of addiction. This is a serious disease and without proper treatment the patient will hardly be able to help themselves.

The growing public and governmental interest regarding psychoactive substance use and abuse is due to the relationship between substance use and crime, violence, morbidity and mortality and, consequently, to the high costs for public health and social security services. You need to choose the best drug rehab for couples now.


Considering this a complex problem, the Ministry of Health reinforces that the use and / or abuse of alcohol and other drugs is a public health problem, presupposing an interface between the programs of the Ministry of Health and other ministries (Justice, Education Secretariat), governmental and non-governmental organizations and other representatives of the organized civil society, ensuring intersectoriality in the construction of a policy of prevention, treatment and education for the use / consumption of alcohol and other drugs .


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