The Must-Have Smoking Accessories

Marijuana use for both recreational and medical purposes has been on the rise in recent times. Most people, however, only concentrate on where to buy and the various ways to take the weed. They forget there is a whole big world of accessories for an amazing weed-taking experience.

Here are some of the necessary smoking accessories to have;

  • Smoking devices 

The basic accessory to have if you plan to smoke weed is the smoking device. There are various ways to smoke weed which means there are multiple smoking devices options. 

Some of the smoking devices are; bongs, chillums, vaporizers, dab rigs, and vape carts. The smoking device you use depends on your condition. For example, for medical weed use, you need a vaporizer to avoid smoke. Otherwise, for recreational weed use, you can have a variety of accessories depending on your budget and what you seek to achieve. Ask a recreational dispensary in Denver CO for some of the best options. 

  • Smell proofing devices 

The marijuana smell is quite potent and easily recognizable. If you smoke at home then you might want to keep it discreet and keep your home smelling fresh. The smell-proofing device is the best way to get rid of the smell after taking weed.

Some of the smell-proofing devices to use are; smell-proof pouches and bags, odor-neutralizing candles, and smoke buddies that block weed smell from entering your home. 

  • Grinder 

When you buy weed from a dispensary in Denver you don’t have to worry about grinders as you get pre-rolled weed. However, if you order the flower, you receive the weed sealed in a bag and you have to put it into nuggets before rolling. Smoking weed without grinding reduces its potency. You will have to smoke a lot of it before getting high which is a waste.

If you don’t fancy the manual grinders, you can still opt for the grinder pens to ease your work. However, prepare to spend a little more. 

  • Storage devices 

Storage is one of the most crucial cannabis accessories if you want to get the best out of your supply. Failure to store your weed properly predisposes it to go bad. Therefore, you need a storage tool that keeps it away from moisture, direct sunlight, and contamination. When stored well, weed can last for even a year without going bad. 

Some of the storage tools options include; padded bong cases for safe storage, vacuum containers for airtight and smell-proof storage, and stash boxes for disguising the weed with other regular items like books and cans. 

  • Smoking devices cleaning tools 

Whenever you use smoking devices, some residue must remain. The residue when not cleaned can build up on the device, leading to a blocked passage and low functionality. To keep the device operating optimally, you need to need to clean it regularly.

Some of the cleaning items to have include; pipe cleaners, cleaning solvents, sponges, and pokers. 

  • Ashtrays 

Even though quite useful, most smokers tend to forget about the ashtrays. They end up ashing the weed on various home items leading to dirt and more cleaning concerns afterward.  Find an ashtray like the one used for cigarette smoking for the ash.

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