The Usefulness of Binaural Meditation for You

Good memory is associated with a frequency of 40 Hz. Normally the two hemispheres of the brain operate at a different rate. Better mental and intellectual performance as well as better creativity is obtained when we succeed in synchronizing the two hemispheres. This is what you get when you produce binaural beats, a technique discovered by Dr. Gérald Oster.

The Process

When listening to two similar sounds in stereo headphones but on slightly different frequencies, the neurons in the brain adopt a frequency equal to the difference. For example if the right ear perceives a sound at the frequency of 500 Hz and the left ear a sound at the frequency of 495Hz, the brain will adopt an activity at the frequency of 5Hz (a state of the Theta zone, which corresponds deep relaxation or self-hypnosis). It is a state which can induce the synchronization of the brain waves of the two hemispheres, binaural beats. The binaural beats meditation comes from that.

How is it the same?

Of course, this is an image. Everything is fine: you don’t have a hard time listening to Coldplay. No, the idea is quite different, and no less interesting!

At the risk of plunging into a great metaphysical debate between illuminated people of Sunday, this article tries to dissect an extraordinary phenomenon and in full expansion today. Very serious and scientific, it is used in fields as vast as augmented reality, trance inductions and medicine. And it starts from a 100% natural phenomenon!

First step to understand this delirium: binaural beat

  • The grrrRRRRRrRRaAaAAnD and sssSSsSPecTACULAIRE binaural beat is a hearing effect discovered in the 19th century by a Prussian physicist by the sweet name of Wilhelm Dove.
  • It is not very complicated to understand: when we are subjected to two different sounds simultaneously, our brain can be caused to produce a pulsation (a kind of “wum-wum-wum”). Quite simply.
  • We invite you to listen to this little audio (with headphones, it’s better) to understand this crazy thing very easily, each headphone plays a flat sound, but the two together create a binaural beat.

The Waves:

The frequencies discovered thanks to the electroencephalogram are numerous and have been disseminated by the researchers. It is believed that treatment with binaural rhythms helps develop self-esteem, improve relaxation and sleep, increase productivity and mental performance. The fruit of this research has made it possible to define several wave ranges as being in direct relation with states such as:

  • Anti-stress relaxation from 5 to 10 Hz
  • Insomnia treatment between 6 and 1.5 Hz
  • Meditation between 4 and 7 Hz
  • Learning or “super learning” from 7 to 9 Hz.

Some studies go even further by proposing frequencies intervening on the physical like appetite between 6 and 9.6 Hz, regulating prostate problems at 9.4 Hz, regeneration of the skin and hair for Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz or the improvement of muscle tone.

Suffice to say that some researchers see in binaural beats infinite possibilities, but anyway, some things are still near worm in all of this.


Joao Castro Sousa

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