What to Expect Out of Skin Needling?

Decades ago, if people were to tell you that it’s possible to make your skin look better by pricking them with needles, you’d probably start doubting their sanity. This is precisely what skin needling entails — a relatively new skin resurfacing treatment that aims to rejuvenate the skin through a technique called collagen induction.

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When skin needling was first introduced, it is easy to see how most people were not open to the idea. If you’re reading this, then you probably feel the same way. After all, the thought of poking your face with tiny needles can be quite intimidating. However, skin needling might be one of the best things that you can do for your skin. How is this so?

Why consider skin needling?                                                    

Now that you have an idea of what skin needling is, you might be wondering why people do them in the first place. It might surprise you to know that the latter is one of the most highly sought after skin care treatment today. This is because patients can expect the following results:

Reduction of age lines and wrinkles

Skin Needling spurs the body into producing more elastin and collagen by creating microscopic injuries. The idea is to trick the body into starting the process of cellular repair to replace the damaged cells. In this manner, skin resurfacing is achieved by slowly chipping away at imperfections such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Perhaps the best think about skin needling is that it is an entirely natural process. There are no chemicals used throughout the process as it only relies on the skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself.

Reduces the appearance of acne scars

In a recent study about the results of skin needling, a majority of the people who’ve tried it report seeing a drastic improvement in terms of scar reduction after one or two sessions. If your goal is the latter, skin doctors often prescribe products like Dermapen 4 for sale in the market with 1.5mm to 3mm needles that can reach deep-seated scars below the skin. Even so, many patients describe the pain and discomfort as perfectly manageable.

Anti-ageing benefit

The skin’s ability to produce sufficient amounts of collagen dwindles with age resulting in a dry and wrinkled state. Skin needling can be used to reverse the condition by spurring the skin to create new cells in place of the old ones. As a result, the skin looks noticeably fairer and younger as it sheds old and damaged cells.

The tiny injuries produced via skin needling can trick the skin into producing new and healthy cells thanks to increased supply of collagen and elastic. The process is no different from how the skin responds to an injury, which is why it completely natural and carries no risk of infection and adverse side effects.

As you may have already realised, there is nothing to fear when it comes to skin needling. The science behind it has long been proven as an effective and safer alternative to invasive surgical treatments that often cause more harm than good on the skin. If you’ve been looking for a natural and more reliable method for reducing acne scars and wrinkles on your skin, then skin needling is an option well worth considering.

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